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Brookville’s Microwave Madness

Problem With Residence Hall Microwaves

Ashley Noble

For the last few months, hundreds of residents of Brookville Hall have been going without a necessity: their microwave room. Since late in the fall 2010 semester, residents of Brookville Hall have been going to nearby halls to warm up their food. A right that is supposed to be included in a student’s resident life accommodations. Accounting major, Janiece Robinson says, “It sucks that I have to walk to Riggs Hall just to warm up a Cup of Noodles soup. It’s not fair, this problem should have been fixed a long time ago.”

According to Resident Life Director Raymond Gordon, “Brookville Hall’s microwave room was victim to numerous acts of vandalism. The two microwaves of the kitchen were both damaged, ceiling tiles were completely broken down, and there was a broken window. To solve these issues with vandalism, security cameras will be installed 24/7. Repairs will be made and the microwaves will be replaced on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011”.

Brookville Resident Hall Director Kelly Carpino refused to speak to us; however, if you have any other questions about the Brookville microwave room, contact her at her office in the Brookville lobby or by phone at (516) 299-3069 or email


**Editors Note: Days after this article was written, the microwaves in Brookville were fixed as they said they would be.


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