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Browse Inside Browse

By Sana E. Zahra
Staff Writer

Browse, the latest student- run business to open in Hillwood Commons, is a technology store that sells Apple products, Dell products, gaming consoles, a variety of speakers, and a wide range of accessories. The store, which opened for business on Nov. 10, also sells GoPros, headphones, Beats Audio headphones, Apple laptops, desktops, televisions, and Apple accessories; it also has PS4, Xbox One, external hardware, Dell laptops, Alienware products, Apple iPads, and other tablets.


Like the other businesses that have opened in Hillwood Commons, including The Treat Shoppe, The End Zone, and The Student Body clothing boutique, Browse employs LIU Post students. “In the short time I’ve been [working] here, I’ve learned a lot of new things, such as [how to] run my own business, working with a wonderful team, and building customer-friendly relationships with the student body and faculty at LIU Post,” said Jaggernath Boodram, a freshman Computer Science major.The most popular items to sell at the store in its first month of operation have been headphones, speakers, GoPros, and MacBooks. “There’s at least one student per day that comes in to buy a charger or headphones,” said Kirsten Manno, a sophomore Math major who also works at Browse. “Some students think it’s more convenient than going all the way to the mall; it may even be cheaper. Our popular Skullcandy headphones cost $9 less than at the mall,” Manno added.

Browse has a customer reservation list. When a customer comes in and isn’t able to find what they’re looking for, or if a product is currently unavailable, customers can fill out a reservation sheet. This list allows the customer to get the product they requested as soon as it comes to the store. This list also allows the customer to customize the product they pre-ordered.

“It is pretty enjoyable. My co-workers make the experience more active. I’m learning a lot of information about technology [that] I never knew [before],” Manno said.

Nikhila Nemmarugommula, a Biomedical Science graduate student works at the store as well. “It’s completely different for me since I’m a science major, but at the same time, it is very exciting as I get to learn about all the variety of technologies,” she said. “We manually build the inventory, so it helps us run our own business. It is a different exposure for me, but a wonderful experience working with a wonderful team and manager.”

Although it has been open for business since Oct. 10, Browse’s grand opening will be celebrated on Nov. 17, during common hour. There will be a photo booth where students can take pictures, and a show-off table with some of the products offered in the store.

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