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C.W. Post Cat Guardians Help Make Post A Home

C.W. Post Embraces Its Cat Population

Anne Winberry

There are residents on the C.W. Post campus who don’t take classes or work out at the Pratt Recreation Center. There are many sightings of cats on campus. They have been taking up residence all over campus, and both students and professors have been helping to shelter these animals.

According to Rita Langdon, the director of public relations, the administration is working closely with the local animal shelter to have the cats spayed and neutered. “They make an effort to place the animals in loving homes,” Langdon said. Some students are not so enthused. “I don’t really mind it, but it is kind of weird,” said Jacqueline Klingler, a junior special education major. “I don’t really understand why there are [cats] living on campus.”

Dr. Joan Digby, the director of the honors program, also started the C.W. Post Campus Cat Guardians. This program helps to keep the cats living on campus healthy and fed. A team of 15 people feeds and cares for the cats, all of which have names. “Post is unique in having a cat community that is protected by administration, faculty, students and public safety,” said Dr. Digby. “Our community has remained stable for more than 10 years because we observe the letter and spirit of the law.”

This campus group works closely with the Animal Lovers League of Glen Cove as cats find their way onto campus. They wander in from towns all around Long Island and Cat Guardians is there to take them in. All the “guardians” know where the cats migrate to and live on campus, and Buildings and Grounds provides the cats with their “homes” or shelters on campus.

Recently, an orange cat, by the name of “Butterscotch,” found its way onto campus after one of the many blizzards and was adopted by two honors alumni.

The Pioneer wonders do these cats pose a health risk or are they a unique part of our community? Let us know what you think!

For more information about Cat Guardians, please contact Dr. Joan Digby at (516) 299-2840.

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