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Campus Beautification

By Mirna Youssef
Features Editor

It’s almost impossible to deny that our campus is beautiful. No matter the season or part of campus you’re looking at, it is always a great view.

This semester, the university has added to the campus new tables that have LIU Post green and gold umbrellas for students, faculty, and staff to sit, eat, and hang out.

Students at one of the new tables outside of Humanities Hall.
Students at one of the new tables outside of Humanities Hall.

The tables have been placed in different locations around campus where students and faculty often populate in great numbers. In front of Humanities there are six, The Doll House has five, Winnick Dinning Hall has 12, and the football field, the Bethpage Stadium, has 15 tables.

“Post consistently makes campus improvements to keep the grounds looking their best so that the on-campus experience is a positive one for students, faculty, and visitors,” said Joseph Schaefer, Chief of Administration and Student Affairs.

“I think it encourages people to be outside and socialize more rather than sit in their own room by themselves,” said Abagail Sawyer, a junior Psychology major. “It also makes our already beautiful campus look better with the LIU Post umbrellas.”

“The new tables are a great addition to the campus and promote an active and social campus life,” said Michael Berthel, director of Campus Life. “I love seeing students use them to hang out with friends, study before class, or to just relax and enjoy the campus.”

The tables provide students with an additional, convenient place to sit and mingle, especially during common hour, when Hillwood Commons is crowded.

“They’re nice! And really good for when you have to meet for group work and it’s nice out,” said Lauren Adamusik, a junior Public Relations major. “I think it makes it more inviting and open for more people to hang out and meet more people.”

In addition to the new tables, flowers are also planted around the campus during the year.

“LIU is committed to keeping our campus healthy, safe, and beautiful,” Schaefer said. “This involves providing excellent circulation routes throughout campus and caring for a vast and diverse plant and flower community between the buildings and pathways.”

Schaefer added that the University has an ongoing process of evaluating future projects and is always looking into additional spaces that can improve overall student life. He mentioned that students are always “welcome to share their thoughts, suggestions and feedback via the Campus Life office.”

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