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Campus Directory

By Jenny Edengard
Staff Writer

Finding the correct phone number for professors and staff has frustrated some students, who have found that the online campus directory is not up to date with information about current faculty and staff members. Dated phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the website, and, in some cases, professors who no longer work at LIU Post are still listed under their former departments.

Lorraine Tejpal, a former staff member of the Disability Services department, is still listed as the Senior Assistant Director. A former professor, T.K. Blue, is still listed as an Assistant Professor of Music.

Anthony Chung, a junior English major, tried to find the phone number for Michael Berthel, the Director of the Campus Life department, and stated that his number was not listed at all. Some professors who do work at the university are not listed in the directory at all. Yet, some students have not had problems finding the information that they need.

Anthony Sforza, a senior English Literature major, has not had trouble finding contact information online. “The online directory is practical and serves its purpose,” said Sforza. “I only used it to look up people in the Foreign Language department and the study abroad office, and in my experience it worked fine.” The efficiency of the online directory seems to depend upon whose information a student is trying to access.

Cheuk Liu, Director of Technical Support in the IT Department confirmed that although the campus directory is not updated daily, it is updated, and the updates vary depending upon requests. Liu claims that the IT Department has good resources to update the directory.

The frustration that students have experienced seems to be the cure for an updated campus directory. As complaints reach Human Resources, the requests are then forwarded to the IT Department.

Juan Sengco, who works at systems in the IT Department at LIU Brooklyn, also confirmed that the campus directory is updated upon request and not by a set schedule; therefore, updates are incalculable. Sengco said that they receive update requests from Human Resources, and then the IT Department puts the requests in a queue. The IT department updates the information, “as soon as possible.” Sengco mentioned that LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post share a queue, and that it’s possible that mix-ups between the two occur.

Students who cannot find current information can contact Human Resources to inform them about missing information. Students can also call the school’s general phone number at 516-299-2000 to receive updated information. Alternatively, students can walk into the department of the person they are trying to find.

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