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“Campus Write-In”

By Nicole Curcio
News Editor

On Monday, April 24, the Writing Center will host its third annual Write-In from 12:30 – 3 p.m. on the second level of Humanities. Taking place right before the study days and exams week, this event will provide a relaxed environment for students to enjoy the company of friends, enjoy snacks and coffee while completing final papers and assignments.

Photo by Nicole Curcio Assistants at the Writing Center
Photo by Nicole Curcio
Assistants at the Writing Center

Mary Pigliacelli, director of the Writing Center, is hopeful this international tradition can become one of Post’s traditions, as well. “Writing is hard. You sit alone and struggle. We want to make writing a social opportunity where students can feed off each others’ energy, bang out papers, and fight against procrastination,” Pigliacelli said.

Finals week is filled with assignments, papers and tests, putting a great deal of pressure on students. Pigliacelli emphasized that this event is not to add pressure on students. Instead, it is an event with space for students to focus on any assignment that needs to be completed with a support system, if desired.

Writing assistants will be available to offer a helping hand if students are struggling with brainstorming ideas, organizing papers, making citations, grammar questions, along with any other general writing questions. Each assistant values helping students be the best writer possible.

Kaycee Grancher, a soon-to-be graduate of the English masters program, has been working in the Writing Center for two years. Not only has working in the Writing Center helped others, it has also helped her with her own writing. “Working with students has given me a better understanding of grammar and terminology,” she said. “[Grammar] is something you never really think about, but then when you are teaching it to someone, you need to know the terms and need to relearn them which I think is really helpful.”

Grancher’s colleagues, Gabbi Battiloro and Kainat Cheema, who are also graduate students in the English department, agree with her. Their positions in the Writing Center give them a confidence boost, which they hope to give to those who visit their office. “Honestly, that’s our main goal,” Pigliacelli said. “We encourage students to read their work and listen to their words, which is so basic when you think about it,” Cheema said. “It really does help them understand who they are as writers.”

The Write-In will be centralized in the Writing Center, Humanities room 202. Tables in the hallway will have food, creating a social setting. Humanities computer lab 200 will be available for this event, as well as room 217B, which will serve as a “quiet room.” No registration is necessary for students interested. The Writing Center is open every Mon. through Thurs. from 9am to 7p.m. and Friday’s from 10a.m. to 4p.m. Appointments may be scheduled, but walk-ins are welcome. For questions, contact the Writing Center at (516)299- 2732 or

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