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Cannibalism in Hillwood

Daniel Caccavale

            Anyone who walked by the Student Art League Museum in Hillwood this past week may have seen a few very interesting pieces of artwork inside. You may have seen an eerie mannequin made up of hanging limbs, a few ice cream scoops shaped like the heads of babies, or a gigantic set of very detailed and elaborate lips with a full tongue and taste buds. These were just a few pieces of art created by senior art therapy and fine art major Lucy Contreras as part of her senior show.

The exhibit was a very different scene but, at the same time, was also very interesting. The title of the show was “Nice to Meat You,” a clever play on words that intertwined with the cannibal theme of the show. The main project was the giant lips and tongue that Contreras said is her favorite piece. Contreras also said that she was given the idea for her project while “in a photo class.” “Someone told me about a book called Interview With a Cannibal. I read it and came up with the idea,” she said.

Junior art education major Briana Nussbaum attended the show and said, “I really enjoyed this series because it was so outrageous and truly captured my attention.” Many others were intrigued by the artwork and were drawn into the museum curiously and with a hint of excitement. Many took instant note to the sculpted torso that had a hole cut in the middle, where viewers could reach in and grab a piece of cake, something that really drove home the cannibal theme behind the show.

Others were occupied with the giant bed in the middle of the room, on which sat two sculptures, one man and one woman, but they were not quite normal sculptures. The head of the man was just a giant eye watching the woman grab out his heart and prepare to eat it with her lip-shaped head.

Overall, this was a very interesting show that hit a topic not many are willing to do and did a very good job of bringing in viewers.

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