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Capable of Happiness: A Fresh Start

By Gillian Pietrowski
Assistant Features Editor

Welcome back to the first semester of 2018! I hope everyone got the rest and relaxation they needed to be refreshed to start o the new year. It can be challenging to get back into the swing of things at school but we somehow manage to do it each semester.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Montenero
Kelly Montenero, sophomore arts management major

Kelly Montenero, sophomore, arts management major with a concentration in music got to spend time with her friends that were home from school and she also worked on writing songs and recording in the studio with her sister, Kat. When it comes to adjusting back to the school grind, she struggles but quickly switches from break mode to school mode. “The first week is always a little hard to adjust back but after that I usually get right back into the swing of things”, Montenero said.

Leaving the comfort of your home to come back to school can be difficult but looking at the positive side of it can help the adjustment. Once you get back, you get to see all your school friends and catch up on what they did on their breaks. “Get yourself organized so your ready for the semester, contact some of your friends so you feel like you have a strong social network and don’t worry too much because the semester flies by,” Montenero said.

You have the ability to change the perception of a situation. If you go into the school year with a negative outlook it will be exactly that. Try approaching it with a more positive outlook. Doing this will help you get through school a lot easier than it would be to fill your head with doubt and gloomy thoughts. Think about all the new things you will learn in your new classes and how it will help with your future. School for some people might be something you want to rush through just to get over with but if you take the time to step back and enjoy your life currently you will be much happier with your day to day life.

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