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Capable of Happiness: Finding happiness throughout the holidays

By Gillian Pietrowski
Staff Writer

There are millions of reason to be happy during the holidays such as seeing family, friends, eating good food and giving and getting presents. For some it might not be a simple as that. There can be family issues that prevent you from being joyful through the season or for others they aren’t able to get home to be with family during this time. 

On campus, there are many international students who have sacrificed leaving their loved ones to attend school here. Harry Pearse is an international student from England and is a senior philosophy major. His main reason for coming to school here was because of the soccer team, the coach and the scholarship he was offered.

“At first it was tough to leave my parents, and the comforts of home, but after the first or second semester I got used to it and it actually became quite normative to only see them for a couple of weeks and leave” Pearse said. Pearse is able to make the best out of his holidays because of the amazing friends that he has here. He describes his teammates as a second family to him. They make it festive and homely even though he can’t be with his family.

A piece of advice that Pearse can give to other international students who aren’t able to go home during the holidays is to not sit at home by yourself. Pearse said, “Go out with your friends and go explore what New York has to offer. It celebrates the holidays like no other country! Take advantage of the situation you are in, because there are so many children who don’t even have a home to keep warm, or fill their noses with cinnamon”.

This is advice to anyone feeling alone during this holiday season. Look for the little things to be thankful for and enjoy it. There is always a positive way to look at any situation you are put into so make the best of it. Keeping yourself busy is a great way to stay happy. Bake cookies, watch holiday movies and spend time with those around you.

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