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Capable of Happiness: Getting Organized for Exams

By Gillian Pietrowski
Staff Writer

As exams roll around, the stress kicks in. When you are a college student, you often feel as if you don’t have time for anything, let alone studying. This is why we need ways to stay focused and manage our time. We all have different ways to go about studying and some ways tend to work better than others. If you are struggling to figure out what works for you, just try as many methods as possible. Being able to keep your study skills intact and organized will keep you happier instead of being stressed and upset when it comes time to study.

Photo Courtesy of Lindset Montgomery
Trish Brisotti, a junior criminal justice major.

College athletes have the additional pressure of a sport, including practices, workouts and games. Lacrosse player Trish Brisotti, a junior criminal justice major with sociology minor has found ways to overcome the pressure of balancing schoolwork and lacrosse. “There was definitely an adjustment period for me when I first came to school,” Brisotti said. “Experiencing college classes as well as playing a collegiate sport was all new and quite demanding.” She has figured out how to prioritize her time and also has the help from her coaching staff. Brisotti prefers to stay in her dorm room to study rather than go to the library because it is more convenient and less distractions. For some people going to the library helps with getting out of your room and being in a different environment.

Flashcards are a great way to memorize important concepts. Rewriting your notes also helps ingrain the information into your head. Make sure to organize the information you are studying. Know what’s important and what’s not. Take the important notes and focus on them. Look for practice quizzes or tests online on your topic and continue to retake them until you feel confident with the material.

Take breaks! Don’t forget to take time to rest in between studying. Overworking yourself will lead to exhaustion, which will hurt you in the long run. Having a happier more positive mind while studying can help make it more enjoyable. Keeping your work organized and knowing what you have to do. We also tend to get distracted and think we can multitask by doing other things while studying. Put your phone away, turn off Netflix and hit the books!


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