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Celebrating World Food Day

By Anand Venigalla

Features Editor

Board for World Food Day

The Campus Nutritionists hosted a World Food Day on Oct. 16 during common hour “to provide education about sustainable living, emphasizing minimizing food waste,” Sarah Schuette said. “They will provide smoothies, which are a great opportunity to use food scraps to reduce food waste, nutrition trivia with prizes and recipe ideas.”

The four campus dietetic nutritionist interns for the fall semester are Sarah Schuette, Christopher Shaw, Patricia Pauyo and Gabriela Barreto. They are located within the Center For Healthy Living in the back of Post Hall.

Patricia Pauyo

“The Campus Nutritionists are part of the LIU Post Dietetic Internship, a certificate program for those with a BS in Nutrition who want to become Registered Dietitians. The difference between a “nutritionist” and “registered dietitian nutritionist” is that a nutritionist is someone who has taken at least one nutrition course, whereas a registered dietitian nutritionist has completed an accredited undergraduate nutrition program, completed an accredited dietetic internship, and has passed the registered dietitian exam,” Schuette said.

“We’ve been giving away a lot of smoothies, and talking about the best way for you to store your food and make the most of your groceries, and lots of people are playing our games and winning prizes,” Schuette said. Some of the prizes are LIU paraphernalia, as well as food like Boomchickapop popcorn and Kind bars.

The smoothies are made of bananas and blueberries, and are divided into dairy and non-dairy. For the dairy, there is “some nice protein-ilicious Greek yogurt.”

The spinning wheel was run by executive board members of the club: James Boddman, a senior and the president of the club; Alecia Miguel, a senior and the public relations person; Kiersten Plut, a junior and the vice president; and Maggie Schulz, a senior and the fall committee chair.

James Bodmann, Alecia Miguel, Kiersten Plut, Maggie Schulz

“A lot of people walked over, won some prizes. Not that many people know all the answers to the questions, but we’re glad that they’re participating,” Schulz said. “They’re finding out about things that they didn’t know about.” One new thing they learned is the need to consume more grams of carbohydrates than grams of protein.

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