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Cereal Killer Jeopardy

By Dylan Valic

Features Editor

Looking for a fun way to kill some time? Are you dying to have a fun night? In that case the Forensic Science Club’s “Cereal Killer Jeopardy” might be perfect for you!

Cereal Killer Jeopardy is taking place in the fishbowl on Friday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. Admis-sion to the event will cost $5.

The event will test students knowledge on famous serial killers such as the Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, or Jeffery Dahmer. Cereal will also be served to all students in attendance.

Students who win the games will be given Raffle tickets for a chance to win gift baskets filled with candy, gift cards and other prizes. Additional raffle tickets can also be purchased at the event for $1 each.

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