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Club of the Week: Middle Eastern Student Association

By Jada Butler


The Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) partnered with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) to host their first event of the fall 2018 semester: a vigil service honoring the lives lost in the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Many people attended the vigil service on Oct. 31, hosted by MESA & MSA clubs, for the victims
of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Nuvaera Mumnoon, sophomore biomedical science major and criminal justice minor, and president of MESA, said the club is not limited to anything. “Our club is intersectional,” she said. “We want to get our culture out there so not just us, but Post as well, has something different in involvement.”

Nuvaera Mumnoon, president of MESA

Mumnoon founded the club in the spring 2018 semester along with fellow student and president of MSA, Humdia Barakzai. Originally, the club was created because Mumnoon, who is Pakistani, felt there wasn’t enough of a Middle Eastern presence on campus. She wants to learn about other cultures and share her own.

This year, Mumnoon plans to be more active and work with different groups. “We want to work with different clubs on campus so we are as diverse as we can get,” she said. “We can learn from one another and understand about each other’s backgrounds.”

Mumnoon believes it is important to stand in solidarity with people from all walks of life, which is why they decided to hold the vigil service. “We will continue to support everyone around the world and contribute to any fund- raisers and charitable events,” Momnoon said.

For future events, MESA plans to host potential guest speakers like comedian and political commentator Hassan Minhaj, and Islamic public speaker Noman Ali Khan. They also plan to have an end of semester grande formal as well.

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