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Club Profile: Delta-X

By Chloé Margulis
Staff Writer

Rock climbing and zip lining are only a few of the adventures that the members of Delta-X participate in. If you are interested in thrill- seeking and daredevil trips, then look no further than Delta-X, a club located on campus.

Post students pose with Delta X members on a zip lining trip.
Post students pose with Delta X members on a zip lining trip.

Delta-X brings LIU Post students on trips to rock climb, ski, snowboard, camp, hike, and many other outdoor activities. This club challenges students mentally and physically, helping participants boost their confidence and enhance their community involvement. In the past, the club has gone paint balling, skiing, white water rafting, and zip lining. Richard Theodule, a junior Film major and president of Delta-X, said his favorite trip they went on was zip lining.

“The odds of falling off when zip lining are pretty much zero,” he said. “But when you’re up there looking down and you have to jump off the platform, it doesn’t feel like it!” This trip gave him the thrill he was seeking. Delta-X members get discounts when they attend the trips. Theodule described how zip lining is usually around $100, but the club’s budget makes it easier to pay for the the adventures, resulting in participants paying roughly half the normal price.

Junior Business Administration major and member of Delta-X Shekofeh Gholamreza agreed that zip lining as well as their white water rafting trips were her favorites. The white water rafting trip was done in groups of three to four students.

“We all learned how to communicate and cooperate in an efficient way in order to reach our destination,” Gholamreza said. As a result of this trip, and many others, participants became closer friends by working together in fun, engaging, and unique environments.

“People should join the Delta X club because it gives them the opportunity to go on exciting trips and make new friends with people they probably wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Theodule said. Delta-X

is planning on doing another paintball and ski trip. The club currently has 10 members who regularly attend meetings, but always welcomes new members. Delta-X meets in Humanities Hall Room 121 at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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