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Coach of the Week: Deidre Moore

By Thomas Scavetta
Assistant Sports Editor

Photo by Tyler Tarae
Photo by Tyler Tarae

Q: As the head coach of the women’s basketball team, how has your team overcome challenges and adversity throughout the season?

A: We just work hard and improve on the things that need improvement on. It’s a long season and as long as there’s time, we can get better.

Q: Coming off an NCAA Tournament appearance last season, how do you feel your players’ experience will push you forward?

A: We try to build a habit of winning. We’re starting to run into a situation that the players we have here only know how it feels to be in the NCAA Tournament. Obviously Chelsea Williams has been one of the many players who have NCAA tournament experience.

Q: When did you first start coaching?

A: This is my seventh season as the head coach of the Pioneers. I was
an assistant coach for 15 years prior to that. I’ve grown by taking things season to season and team to team. I figure out what works for our team and what doesn’t.

Q: How do you feel your team has performed in ECC play?

A: The ECC is tough; it’s much improved. Every out is a tough out. The teams on the bottom you still have to play tough every night. The ECC
is competitive because there’s several close games. I think my team has played better in conference games than non-conference games, but non- conference play is supposed to get you ready for conference play so we’ll take it that way.

Q: Are the non-conference games tougher than the conference games? If so, how?

A: They’re both tough in different ways. The non-conference games are tough because we play quality teams that we’re not use to as much. The conference games are tough because the players are all familiar with each other, they play together over the summer, and they’ve played against each other for multiple years.

Q: What’s the key to winning the ECC?

A: We’re trying to take it one game at a time. If we could make a run at the NCAA tournament we need to play consistently. Taking care of the ball, rebounding, and defending are some of the keys for any team trying to win.

Q: What’s your most important aspect of the game?

A: It seems to change from game to game, but if you play defense you give yourself a chance to win. If I had to pick an area, I would pick defense and rebounding.

Q: What did you do before coaching at LIU Post?

A: I worked as a mathematics special education teacher in Queens for 11 years. I’m currently working towards earning another master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Q: Where did you attend college?

A: I went to school here at LIU Post where I played my collegiate career as a point guard for the Pioneers from 1992-96. I graduated in 1996 with a degree in pre-Engineering/Math and Physics. I then went on to earn my master’s degree from LIU Post in Math Education.

Head Coach Deidre Moore and her squad will face Mercy College in an East Coast Conference tilt tonight at 5 p.m. at the Pratt Recreation Center.

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