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College Football season off to wild start

By Donovan Gibbs, Staff Writer

The College football season is underway and has been high octane since the opening kickoff of Utah vs Florida. There have been a bunch of storylines throughout the country, including a team that was highly unsuccessful last season. The AP Top 25 has been looking as crowded as ever this season and it may become more stuffed as games continue to happen.

Out of all the games that happened during week three of the college season, not many people would’ve thought that the in-state rivalry of Colorado vs Colorado St. would be the game of the week. But once again, Coach “Prime” Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes put on an instant classic against the Rams. The 2 OT, 43-35 thriller completely shattered a late-night record, as 9.3 million viewers were watching the game on ESPN.

Courtesy of Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

 That victory came with a detrimental cost though, as multi-position superstar Travis Hunter was taken out of the game due to injury from a late hit from Colorado St safety Henry Blackburn. The replays of this hit garnered a lot of controversy over the Ram’s safety all over social media, even having him receive death threats.

 “It was a dirty play but people are extremely overreacting,” said LIU Junior and Communications major Marcus Scribner. “Should he have been ejected from the game? 100% yes. But at the end of the day, it’s football, plays like that unfortunately happen, and threatening someone’s life over that is weird.” 

The Colorado Buffaloes under the Primetime regime have taken college football by storm as they started 3-0, which is a major turnaround from last year when they only won one game. This newfound swagger brought by star QB and Heisman hopeful Shedeur Sanders who not only showboated a nice watch pre-game but had a 348 yards and four TDs performance, including a 98-yard touchdown drive that sent the game to overtime

The Buffaloes had their toughest test of the season when they faced their first AP Top 25 ranked opponent in the Prime era, the #10 ranked Oregon Ducks.

 Oregon defeated Colorado 42-6. The Buffs came in on a 3-game-hot streak and were cooled down fast by Bo Nix 276 yds and 4 touchdown performance and a suffocating Oregon defense that got to Buffs QB, Shedeur Sanders seven times. 

Regardless of the lopsided outcome in week 4, Flemlo Raps, a big-name football YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers on the platform, still sees the major impact that the Sanders’ have had on FBS football. 

“Coach Prime and the Buffs are honestly bringing the fun back to college football.”  said football content creator Flemlo Raps, “The landscape of college football has become so formal that we forget that these are 18-22-year-old young men. Deion is letting these kids be kids and the results are extremely successful so far. This has been an extraordinary team to watch.”

As we are almost a quarter of the season in, the top 25 is filled with so much uncertainty and parity for the first time in a while. As the top 4 teams in the nation only including two teams from last year’s playoffs in defending champs Georgia at #1 and Michigan at #2. The new entries include Texas at #3, as they are finding their stride with QB Quinn Ewers who played a huge role in their statement win against Alabama with 349 yards and three touchdowns. 

Florida St. is the representative of the ACC conference at #4 with star quarterback Jordan Travis lighting up the stat sheet as he’s on his way to potentially break the career touchdowns record of 81  held by QB Chris Weinke next week against Clemson. 

Florida State had to overcome two challenges last Saturday, playing at Death Valley and playing a team who they haven’t beaten in nearly a decade. Clemson came into this game with the roles reversed as they were the ones that had to play spoiler. They jumped out to a 17-7 lead against the 4th team in the nation. Jordan Travis got into the groove of things later on in the game, throwing a touchdown and getting into the endzone himself. 

The score was tied up at 24-24 going into overtime and Jordan Travis was able to stamp his name in Seminole history. He threw a 24-yard touchdown to his favorite wide receiver Keon Coleman for the game-winning score. Travis finally broke the career record for touchdowns that had been cemented by Chris Weinke for two decades

 The Pac-12 conference is looking like a powerhouse this year as there are eight unbeaten teams in the top 25 with USC, led by reigning Heisman trophy winner Caleb Williams, being the highest-rated team at #5. 

SEC is shockingly not up to par this year as only four teams are in the top 25 and Georgia is the only team in the top 10.

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