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Community Column – Who’s Running Brookville?

Meghan Glynn 

With the start of a new school year, the Pioneer staff thought that it might be nice to begin on a fresh page with the Village of Brookville.  In short, we wanted to start the year with an interview with the Mayor.  Unfortunately, arranging such an appointment has been more than just difficult; it has proved impossible.

For years, there have been rumors haunting the C.W. Post Campus detailing an unrivaled animosity towards our school from the citizens of the Village of Brookville.  It had been my intent to speak with the Mayor, the Honorable Caroline Bazinni, and get her final weigh-in on how the V.O.B. views our school and its feelings on Post calling Brookville home.

While her assistant assured me, over the phone, that the Mayor is a busy woman, a fact that I in no way doubt, and that she would, given time, get back to me, her lack of response to my numerous calls and emails has left a sour taste in my mouth.  Again, I find myself wondering just who is running Brookville.             Despite numerous attempts to coordinate a meeting, I am still coming up empty handed.  Why is this?  It should not be quite so difficult to ask a few questions to the Mayor – an elected public official – of a small town such as Brookville.

Truth be told, I’m beginning to feel as if the Village of Brookville gives the illusion of being a well-run town when it’s just an elaborately staged smoke-and-mirrors act.  Of course, this is my opinion, so think what you will.

I can only hope that, in the name of journalistic integrity, I receive a reply soon, so that I may post the Honorable Caroline Bazinni’s rebuttal to my assertions.  After all, nothing would make me any happier than to have Mayor Bazinni prove my initial opinions wrong.  So, I ask, “Great and Powerful Oz,” are you really there, or would you rather us just ignore the men and women behind the curtain who truly run the machine that is Brookville?

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