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Community Report: Hicksville Businesses Flourish

By: Anthony Corona

Since the beginning of the year, the uproar for the newly instituted common hour has been a strongly disliked topic amongst students. But, for the new Red Mango that opened up in Wheatley Plaza, business is good.

“I see a ton of Post students in here during the common hour.” said Christian Mandarino, the manager of Red Mango. “ We make great sales during the week during that hour. We also get a lot of Post kids between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.”  It is not just C.W. Post that keeps Red Mango busy, but the surrounding area as well. “Everything helps, not only are we near two colleges in C.W. Post and NYIT, but there is an elementary school up the road, Pathmark is in this plaza, and there are a lot of high school kids that come in here. Location means everything.”

Mandarino also says that being around a few colleges inspired him to give students a discount on purchases. “If a student shows their student I.D. at the register, we give them one dollar off their purchase.”  The health aspect is also very important to the business as well, “I think the fact that these treats are healthy is what keeps the students coming back for more. Our original or small size contains only 110 calories.”

Red Mango is not the only business that is popular among students. Moe’s Southwest Grill is also a popular spot for lunch. “I absolutely see more Post students coming here during the common hour.” says Chris, an employee. “It’s not just Post students though; there are a lot of high school kids that come here too during that hour.”

One of Moe’s most popular features is the student discount that is given. “Since this place opened up, they started giving student discounts because of the location of the restaurant. If a student shows their school I.D., we give them 10 percent off their meal.” What makes Moe’s a popular spot is the great food, but Chris feels people keep coming back because of the service. “I think people keep coming back here because of how friendly we are to our customers.  Not only is the food great, but to have fast and efficient service is another great quality we have.”

With the holidays quickly approaching, the Old Brookville Police Department is gearing up for its busiest time of year. The holidays are about good times with family and friends, but it can also be a dangerous time. Between accidents, and crimes, P.O. McGinnis of The Old Brookville Police Department says that safety is a major concern. “Around this time of year we always put more guys on patrol.” P.O. McGinnis also had a few suggestions to students for the holidays. “When students go home for winter break, make sure everything valuable is taken home, laptops, video game systems, jewelry, and any other possessions of value.” P.O. McGinnis also knows of the new iPads that are being sold at C.W. Post. “If you leave your room for a long length of time during the day, either bring your iPad with you, or put it away safe. Don’t leave any valuables laying around in the rooms.”

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