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Community Report: Who Really Runs Brookville?

Meghan Glynn

Thinking about this week’s edition, I decided that I wanted to interview someone of importance within the community and get a look into what’s going on, what’s coming up in Brookville’s calendar and share anything that might be relevant to you, the people who live and commute here everyday.

When I called the village offices, however, I was given the runaround (as one might call it).  I spoke with a woman named Winnie who informed me that speaking with the mayor required first scheduling an appointment (a task that I had anticipated), but that it would be some time before she would be able to fulfill my request.

She went on to explain to me that Brookville’s mayorship is a volunteer position, and because of that fact, Mayor Caroline Z. Bazzini was out of the office quite a bit.  Winnie added that Bazzini “goes into New York [City] and travels a lot.”

Bazzini’s travels are for good reason too, I suppose, as she has owned and managed her own marketing company for the past 35 years.  Her company, Zimmermann Agency, has had many big list clients such as Chase-Manhattan Bank, Time Inc. Magazines, etc, and would naturally create the need for Bazzini (or Zimmermann as she’s known professionally) to travel at least into New York City.

Having served as a community volunteer for many years prior to her appointment it’s understandable why she may have been picked as the village’s mayor. However, considering the fact that I called to make an appointment to speak with her and was informed that doing so would not be possible until, at the earliest, the middle of April (and I made this call in the middle of March), I’m left with only one question: who’s really running Brookville?

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