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Community Report

Meghan Glynn

This week, we’re going to take a little tour de Brookville, and see what this town is made of.  Literally.  According to the 2000 census, the village of Brookville has a population of 2,126.  This figure has since increased and the results of the 2010 census show a boost up to 3,465 people.

While a general population figure for the 2010 census is available, the details have not been analyzed yet, and specifics on household size and average income isn’t available, so we’ll stick with what 2000 showed us about the Village of Brookville.

To start, Brookville, New York, is 22 miles east of New York City and is contained to an area of just 4.01 square miles of land.  For every square mile of land, there is a total population of 530.45 people, whereas in New York City for every square mile there are 66834.6 persons living.  Comparatively, Brookville allows its residents much more personal space.

The Village of Brookville has an average household income of (in 2000, mind you) $200,001, and a majority of the population has either a bachelors or masters degree, which in turn helps the village to boast about its largely educated workforce.

Around town, about 73 percent of adults are married, and most families average 3.22 people.  Additionally, 94 percent of houses and apartments in Brookville are owned rather than being rented, and property taxes here are higher than in most areas in New York, which allows them to allocate more funds to local schools and services.

To top things all off, as a reflection of Brookville’s well-to-do lifestyles, each home has a median of 9.22 rooms and, again in 2000, was estimated at an average value of $1,000,001.  I only hope that my time at Post will eventually land me a career that will afford me the luxury of living here in Brookville…how about you?

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