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Commuter Column

By Travis Fortunas

Staff Writer

Welcome back to school LIU students! As you start this school year it is very important to keep a couple key ideas in your head since your com-muting life is a lot different from that of a resident student on campus. Your days take more planning and may include putting a little extra money into that gas tank.

With this being the first year merging LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn, we have a lot of students com-ing from different areas all with the same intention: to be a LIU Shark, and to get one of the greatest educations Long Island has to offer.

(Jane Montalto)

As you plan your travel schedule, I find it critical to leave more time than you originally planned, just in case you get stuck in traffic due to a broken down vehicle or a car accident. I find traffic on the highway can cause up to an hour in delays depending on what time you plan on traveling.

One tip I have always kept with me commuting from over an hour away to campus is to plan my schedule with minimal traffic to avoid rush hour. Plan your schedule for midday and look to leave the school around 7 p.m. I have found that traveling at these times is a huge benefit when trying to avoid rush hour traffic in both directions.

This is my senior year here, and throughout the years I would like to say I have seen it all on the highway, but unfortunately you never know what you’re going to run into during your morning commute. People on the road don’t have your same intentions and are often in a rush.

The two things you need when commuting are a lot of patience and good timing skills, and with those you will be just fine! I hope you make this school year as great as it is intended to be! Have a great year LIU students!

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