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Contest Responses

Greetings Post Pioneer!

I am an avid reader of the Pioneer and would like to say your doing a great job! I do however have a suggestion. What about a page for job opportunities on campus. I work at the Hilllwood Commons Information Desk and students always ask, “Whose hiring!” I send them to the Pep Office, but why not have help wanted ads for jobs that are searching for work study or budget students. Just throwing it out there.


M. Bencosme

I would like to hear about activities taking place on campus and hear more about greek life. I am Vice President of Delta Phi Epsilon and I can tell you that all greek organizations do so much on campus and dont get recognition from Post at all.

S. D’Avella

To “The Pioneer”,

Hello. Recently I read the first the first issue of The Pioneer and saw the ad in the back about “what you’d like to see”; so here I go! I am a currently enrolled Art student at the C.W. Post campus. I would love to do a comic strip per issue of the newspaper on campus life, commuter life and general college life. I think readers would really enjoy “seeing” this in their campus paper. I plan on making it some-what humorous and personal to the school. Please let me know if this is a possibility and I will send some comic strip ideas. Also, if there is ever any need for illustrations or photographs I would love to get involved with that too.


Thank you for your time!

P. Stewart

Some Contest Responses from Upperclassmen:

Alexandra LaRocca, Junior

“I enjoy the news section because it gives me information about the campus and what other students are doing.”

Jill Scionti, Senior

“I don’t like the way Homecoming was portrayed.”

Marc Riou, Junior

“I wish the entertainment section was not cut from the paper.”

Carrie Ferrante, Junior

“The Pioneer is great but I’ve been missing the entertainment section.  Glad it’s coming back soon!”

Arianna Livreri, Junior

“I like the article about Greek Life and how it clears up the stigma of the Greeks.”

Gina Usegueda, Junior

“I think the newspaper should be more diverse.  I feel like I see the same people in it.”

-Thanks guys! We love the feedback and we’re trying our best to accommodate your requests!

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