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In last week’s issue, we would like to apologize for the front cover story.  Our intention was to write an article about the South Hampton radio station, which is part of Long Island University.  The photo and headline were very deceiving and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We would like to apologize for not publishing ACP’s letter along with our response in last week’s issue.  We value your opinion and sincerely apologize for not displaying your thoughts.  Here is your letter in response to the Pioneer’s Homecoming issue.

October 25, 2010

To the Editor of the Pioneer,

On behalf of the Association for Campus Programming (A.C.P.) as well as the additional clubs and organizations on campus we would like to express our distaste with The Pioneer’s last issue covering C.W. Post’s Homecoming 2010.

The images displayed conveyed one focal point in our eyes, tailgating during the football game. This is not a sanctioned event and should not have been publicized to the extent that it was. Instead, we would have liked to see more of the events leading up to the actual family day event that is Homecoming.

A.C.P. is responsible for Homecoming Week, seven days of events leading up to the actual Homecoming game. Kicking off Homecoming week on Sunday was the co-sponsored A.C.P and Commuter Student Association (C.S.A.) Six Flags Freight Fest trip. This event was sold out, sending 2 bus loads of Post students to Six Flags.  On Monday, A.C.P. sponsored Monday Night Football, a program where students were able to watch the game in Hillwood Commons Cinema. We raffled off a pair of New York Jets tickets. Tuesday, we held the kickoff event for the Banner Bash; an annual event in which all clubs and organizations participate in. Wednesday, A.C.P. sponsored its annual talent show with over 200 students supporting diverse student performers.  The first place winner, a C.W. Post student, Annie Jules (junior) sang an inspirational rendition of Stand Up by Destiny’s Child, yet no mention of this in the Pioneer. Finally, on Thursday evening we had our first ever Homecoming Ball.  At this event the finalists of the Post Pride award were recognized and made speeches about what Post Pride meant to each of them.  There was no mention of this or who even won the Post Pride awards at all in the Pioneer. Finally, on Friday evening, A.C.P. in conjunction with the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development sponsored the annual Homecoming Pep Rally. Over 1000 students, athletes, guests and administration were in attendance. This event, by far exemplified the very definition of “POST PRIDE.” With performances by students, the dance company, residence life students and athletes, there was no press by the Pioneer about this annual event or event a word describing the event in the last issue of the Pioneer.

The purpose of Post unity was not exemplified in the photographs that were run in the last issue of the Pioneer. There was no sense of actual post pride and what it means; a sense of leadership, family, and involvement in our campus. Coverage of homecoming week and all the activities that surrounded the actual game, including the annual carnival which is co-sponsored by A.C.P. and the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development were minimal to nonexistent.

Homecoming is a day of family, friends, alumni, and current students celebrating all that Post has grown to be. Over fifty clubs and organizations worked diligently to represent their contributions to Post’s life. The clubs and organizations raised over $4000 during the carnival. A lot of the funds went to charity and local philanthropic organizations, yet all the the Pioneer showcased was the non sanctioned drinking and the lewd activity demonstrated by a small collection of students.  If the Pioneer was in need of positive images throughout the week, the Opticon staff was available and in attendance at every Homecoming event and captured every positive moment.  Furthermore, we are extremely disappointed that the student run newspaper didn’t see fit to cover all the hard work and efforts put forth by hundreds of student leaders.

In closing, students, student athletes, alumni, faculty, staff and administrators contributed their time and efforts to pull off a successful Homecoming.  All that we ask is everyone is thanked appropriately for their hard work and dedication for Homecoming 2010. Homecoming 2010 is a celebration of student life at C.W. Post, not the negative portrayal that the Pioneer condones and displayed

With Regards,

Association for Campus Programming 2009-2010 Executive Board



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