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Courses for the Winter Session

By Brian Riley
Staff Writer

Ten days is all you need to earn three credits during the winter semester. For students attempting to stay on track, or possibly make up ground for light semesters, winter sessions can be used as more than a break from school. The 129 credits required for an undergraduate degree can be difficult to complete over the course of eight semesters. The winter term offers an opportunity to catch up or get ahead.

Students brave the cold to study for their Winter Session courses in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library
Students brave the cold to study for their Winter Session courses in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library

The winter term runs from January 5-16, 2015. Most undergraduate classes during the winter term meet from Monday through Friday for four hours a day. The average class size is eight students, according to Registrar Administrator, Beth Wilkow. Last year, classes varied from an independent study course, to an introductory course in philosophy.Winter Sess 1

Plenty of core curriculum classes are offered as well, along with several electives and major requirements as well. Some of the courses offered include Introduction to Macroeconomics, to Introduction to Psychology, or Statistics. “Typically, the core courses have the greatest number of students enrolled,” Wilkow said. “PHI 8, PHI 13, ENG 2, HIS 3 and POL 2 were popular core courses. While ART 31(Ceramics), HE 43 (Substance Abuse) and CRJ 60 (Terrorism) were popular electives.” Wilkow believes students should take advantage of these classes because, “It often enables students to ‘catch up’ if they took a semester with a lighter load, had to withdraw from a class, or failed a class.”

Another advantage of taking winter courses is the lowered tuition rates. There is a 1/3 tuition discount on winter courses, so a three-credit undergraduate course would cost $2,061 plus a $100 University Fee. The regular rate for a three-credit course is $3,090. This is the main reason why Deandre Jordan, a junior Broadcasting major, is considering taking a winter class. “Because I am a transfer student, these classes would allow me the chance to make up for some credits that didn’t transfer.”

You do not have to be an LIU Post student to enroll in winter classes. Classes are open to any students interested in taking them. For more information about the winter semester, contact Academic and Career Planning at 516-299-2746.

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