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Creative Clubs Plan For Spring

By Bendik Sørensen
Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

There are as many interests as there are people on campus. With a healthy creative milieu, students can indulge themselves in the world of art and entertainment, both for credits and for fun. The privileges range from hands on work in a professional radio station, an on-campus TV station, theatre, art lectures, guest speakers, and other events.

Members of the Art and Art History Club hold a face-painting booth at Homecoming.  Photo credit: The Art and Art History Club of LIU Post
Members of the Art and Art History Club hold a face-painting booth at Homecoming.
Photo credit: The Art and Art History Club of LIU Post

The Post Television Club (PTV) is holding its first meeting of the semester on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 12:30 in the television studio on the second floor of Humanities. Tom Finn, senior Broadcasting major and co-president of the club, said they’re looking forward to seeing fresh faces and hearing new ideas.

“We have two set things going. A news cast every week and a comedy show, sort of like a funny or die-type thing made for the Internet,” Finn said. He emphasized that they want new ideas and people coming in, not only Broadcasting majors, but also students from different backgrounds and majors.

Christina Kay, assistant station manager at WCWP, the campus radio station, wants something similar for the radio this spring. They’re planning to have events on the Hillwood Commons rooftop as soon as the weather gets warmer. “We have a lot of events planned, including a scavenger hunt that we had a lot of success with the last semester, and we’re also having our barbecue outside the station,” Kay said.

Kay said that most of the students coming in to do shows aren’t Broadcasting majors at all. The radio shows are student-run, including talent and guests, and they’re open to anyone who has an idea or wants to be on the radio. WCWP’s first meeting is on Wednesday Jan. 28, at 12:30 in Humanities room 20.

Another outlet for creative students on campus is the Art and Art History Club. The club, aimed at Art majors, artists, and people interested in the field, hosts panel discussions with professionals such as museum directors, curators, and local artists.

“For the non-artists, we still host fun events like art-related field trips and performance art events to engage the whole campus,” said Stacie Zucker, a junior Digital Art and Design major and president of the club. “We always say that you don’t have to be a Picasso to fit in well with the club. As long as you have an interest in art, the club is for you!”

Zucker mentioned they already have one panel discussion lined up for the spring. The guest speaker is Michael A. Brown, the Associate Curator of European Art at the San Diego Museum of Art. The panel will be held at the Steinberg Museum in Hillwood, on Feb. 11, during common hour. All students are welcome, and it’s free admission.

Zucker continued, “Other events we’d like to host include an art auction at the end of the semester, another performance art event, and hopefully a community service trip to the Nassau County Museum. But since we are still in the process of planning out the semester, we are always open to new ideas for events.” The Art and Art History Club’s meetings will be held every Wednesday during common hour in room 114 in Hillwood Commons.

The Pioneer newspaper is another gathering for creative students who want to get hands-on experience in a real newsroom. It includes different sections, including but not limited to: News, Arts and Entertainment, Features and various Opinion columns. There is also a magazine, published on a monthly basis, which includes more in-depth articles and features happenings and events off campus. The Pioneer meets every Monday at 12:30 in room 199 Hillwood Commons.

The Pioneer is also interested in other, smaller clubs that haven’t been on the radar in the past, both to give these clubs publicity, and also get a better view of the creative corners of the campus. If you are in one of these groups, please email us at with some info about your club or organization.

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