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Crime Blotter

By Angela Alfano

All incidents that take place on the Post campus are, by law, a matter of public record and can be found at Public Safety. The Crime Blotter is provided by the Pioneer as a public service for the campus community.

Criminal Mischief

The Post Hall campus circuit board was tampered with on Sept. 11. Before the wires were disconnected, the camera caught two pictures of one male and one female climbing up the camera poles showing intent to tamper with the camera.


On Sept. 12, a fire alarm was set off due to a student burning incense in her room. The Roslyn Fire Department arrived at campus shortly after the alarm sounded to reset alarm.


A student realized she had been pick-pocketed while she was on line for Starbucks in Hillwood Commons on Sept. 15. A wallet was stolen that contained cash, multiple credit cards, and a student I.D.

On Sept. 15, the PlayStation in the Hillwood Commons Game Room was reported stolen. Apparently the PlayStation had not been seen since July.

A Microsoft Surface tablet was reported stolen on Sept. 16 near the Life Science Building. A student had her tablet in a black and blue bag sitting on a bench. When 9:30 classes started, the student got up and went to class, forgetting the tablet on the bench. When she returned about an hour later, the bag and tablet were gone.

Property Damage

On Sept. 23, a student reported that her camera had been run over in the faculty parking lot. Her camera had fallen out of her car and as she tried to stop traffic to gather her belongings on the ground, one car did not stop and crushed the camera.

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