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Crime Blotter

Compiled by Brittany Lercara & Briana Longo

On Oct 19, a response to a call in Riggs Hall led to recovery of an unconscious student who seemed to be intoxicated; the unconscious student was transported to a hospital.

On October 21, residents were caught smoking marijuana in a dorm room, after a complaint of a strong odor. After entering the room, the RA did a thorough search, with permission, to find no marijuana or paraphernalia, but did find a glass pipe with marijuana residue outside the dorm room window. The subjects admitted to smoking, but denied there was any more marijuana in the room. The pipe was confiscated.

Car Accident on Campus
A 2009 Buick struck a 2005 Acura MDX, on 10/22/12 while the driver in the Acura was attempting to make a left turn while at the intersection of Gold Coast Road and Pioneer Blvd. The driver in the Acura was taken to the hospital with severe back pain.

Petty Larceny
On November 1, 2012, a Samsung S3 was stolen from the men’s center hall first floor bathroom. When the victim returned to the bathroom he found it was missing. He filed a report with Old Brookville Police Department.

A dorm resident, on November 5, 2012, received a cut to the face after falling on the floor off his bed. The resident called Public Safety, but only asked for an ice pack when they responded to the scene.

On November 6, 2012, the RA of Riggs hall reported to a room with suspicion of minors with possession of alcohol. The housing staff noticed a faint smell of marijuana, but after a visual search did not find any. The residents denied smoking marijuana. Their alcohol and beer bottles were taken and disposed of. The residents were not found smoking or drinking at the time.

A housing member of Post Hall alerted Public Safety upon finding a resident and his guest smoking marijuana in the Post Hall stairwell on 11/7/12. Public Safety confiscated the rest of the marijuana, and notified the resident of the campus’s drug policy.
Injuries in the Dorm

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