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Crime Blotter

Freddie Schwartz 

Laptop Stolen from the Library

On October 27nd, an Apple Macbook Air laptop, valued at about $1,300, was stolen from a classroom in the library. The computer was described as having a purple cover on it. It was taken when the student briefly went to the bathroom while leaving the laptop and other belongings in the room. The student came back to find it missing.


Backpack Missing from Winnick

On October 13th, a student went to Winnick to eat lunch and accidently left his/her backpack. When he/she returned, the backpack was missing. The bag was described as black with a red cross on it. The contents of the bag included notebooks and three Philosophy textbooks.


Response to a Small Fire Near Winnick:

On October 17th, Public Safety was informed that there was smoke coming from a trashcan near the north entry way to Winnick. It appeared to be a smoldering fire and was put out by Public Safety using buckets of water. There was no property damage, and Public Safety believes that the cause of the fire was a lit cigarette.


Disturbance in Nassau Hall

On October 22nd, there was a disturbance in the lobby of Nassau Residence Hall. A student tried to gain entry to the dorm, but he/she was on the trespass list. When Public Safety arrived, the student was belligerent and had to be escorted off campus.

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