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Dance Majors Hope to Break World Record

By Caroline Ryan

Caitlyn Greig, a senior dance major, is organizing an event to raise money for cancer research while also hoping to set a world record. The dance majors, together with the Post dance and cheer teams, are attempting to break the Guinness Book of World records for the most dancers to participate in a three minute hip-hop dance. The current record, according to The Guinness Book of World Records is 1,685 people. To break the current record over 1,685 people will need to participate in the choreographed dance.

Photo by Caroline Ryan -  Senior dance major Caitlyn Greig is organizing dancers to break a world record.
Photo by Caroline Ryan –
Senior dance major Caitlyn Greig is organizing dancers to break a world record.

The filming of the dance will be done on April 29 from 1-4 p.m. Greig and her fellow seniors are working with Campus Life in efforts to use the football field or another campus location, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The students are organizing the event through a Facebook group entitled “Break a Guinness Book World Record & Raise Money for Cancer,” and are reaching out to local cheerleading gyms and dance studios to get anyone interested in participating involved.

The students have no set goal for the amount of money they would like to raise and have not yet picked a charity to give the donations to, but they are looking for as much money as possible to help families whose children are sick with cancer “The topic of children suffering with cancer is a really terrible situation. We want to use our art of dance to help raise money to help even one family going through this situation. Parents should never have to choose [between] giving up a job and helping their child stay healthy and supported,” Lauren Hirlado, a sophomore dance major, said.

There is currently a fund raising jar set up in the dance department office located across from the library. According to the Facebook group, “The best way to raise money it is to ask for spare change. Change in pockets, ash trays, under the seats of cars, etc. Get a jar, decorate it, provide info about the cause on it, and ask for spare change.” “People can create their own jars; that’s what we are hoping for and whatever [money] they raise in their jar, they will bring,” Greig said.

The students in the dance department have been planning this event for two months. Diamond Avant, a junior dance major, is choreographing the two minute dance, which will then be posted on Facebook for those who plan to participate in the choreography to learn the dance. This event is open to anyone who is interested in participating. Anyone interested can contact Caitlyn Greig at


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