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De-stress: Despite Having a Busy Schedule.

Freddie Schwartz

Are you feeling like your running on fumes and you have more headaches as the semester goes on? What you need to do is to de-stress, but how can you do that without having to spend a fortune on a day at the spa or find some time in your busy schedule to take a break? Here are some simple and quick ideas to help you feel more relaxed and stay healthy in these demanding academic months.

  1. Exercise– those who work out regularly fall asleep faster at night and also have more energy during the day. Working out is also good for relieving stress because you release endorphins, which can improve your overall mood. Try going to the gym for at least 45 minutes every day or at least four days a week if possible. Not only will you de-stress, you’ll keep your weight down and body healthy. With Pratt open till midnight on the weekdays, try and go to the gym before you go home if you’re a commuter or after you finish your homework if you live on-campus.
  2. Eating healthy– Yes, I know eating a salad isn’t for everyone but eating foods that are fried and are loaded in calories is hard for the body to digest which makes you sluggish and tired. There’s nothing more stressful then feeling like your legs have ten ton weights on them as your rushing back and forth from classes. Eat a little lighter than usual and limit the amount of fried foods or sweets that you eat.
  3. Pick classes for the semester carefully: When you’re loaded with difficult classes that you dread to walk into, it causes stress and anxiety that you don’t need. There are times when you have to take a lot of classes that could keep you up for nights on end to study for, but careful planning can help reduce this issue. If you’re taking a course or two that you know are difficult for you or maybe they’re WAC courses, try and take a class or two that would be something you would love to learn. Art classes are wonderful for relieving stress, rather than using your brain to remember numbers and what you read that night. Instead you come in and think creatively, which is a great outlet for highly stressed students. Take advantage of the extracurricular classes that you’re allowed to take; you would be surprised how many interesting and unique classes that are offered.
  4. Don’t put off sleep: We all need to sleep so try and limit staying up late as much as possible. Use common hour to get more work done so you can go to sleep earlier. Your alarm clock that won’t be thrown against the wall in the morning will thank you dearly.
  5. Get a hobby…No really, GET A HOBBY!- This is for those students who usually just do homework and nothing else. No, internet surfing and updating your Facebook status are not hobbies. There are so many clubs available on-campus so choose something that interests you. Also, with some of your friends, maybe set a day for everyone to hang out, like a game night or a movie night. Spending a little time away from studying and work doing something that you love to do, relieves a lot of stress.

I hope these tips help those stressed out students; it’s not hard to be healthy and happy. College is not a far step from real adulthood; it’s difficult, stressful, and busy. Living stress free is all about moderation and making good choices.

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