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Dean Hannafin Has Hope for the College of Education and Information Sciences

Olivia Wicik

Dr. Robert D. Hannafin started his journey as Dean of the College ofEducation and Information Sciences at C.W. Post on August 1st.Formerly working as Director of Learning and Development at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, he says it was very unusual to wind up here at C.W. Post. However, this does not mean he wasn’t very well qualified for his new position. At PWC, Dr. Hannafin was responsible for the developing of training courses and preparing people to work at the firm, in other words “corporate training.” He has extended these skills to his new position as Dean and plans on bringing all of his experience into C.W. Post to help faculty prepare students for their future.

When asked what new ideas he has for the College of Education and Information Sciences, Dr. Hannafin gave a brief overview, “I plan on helping to improve interpersonal skills, these are things that employers look for.” The Dean plans on meeting with faculty and expects them to be fully on board with these new ideas. He also expressed the importance of creating meaningful relationships with schools that students will potentially be working at.

As for the recent decline in enrollment to the our College of Education and Information Science, Dr. Hannafin stated, “It is disheartening for people this year and last year trying to get a job, it could be another couple of years. It’s going to get better though, not worse.” The

Dean’s message is one of hope. Dr. Hannafin and his faculty have a feeling of concern for the students out there who can’t get jobs but assure everyone that there is hope. “Teaching is a calling, not a profession. You go into it because that’s who you are. It’s part of your DNA.” says Hannafin.

As for the College of Education and Information Sciences, it seems that this new year brings not only a new Dean but a plethora of ideas that he has brought with him. So, although C.W. Post is not where Dr. Robert D. Hannafin thought he would wind up, he is so glad that he did. “I love it, I really love it,” he says, “I was meant to be here.”

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