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Dean of Education to Retire, or Just Keep Teaching

Dean of Education Retires

Natalie Villanueva

Dr. Robert Manheimer is retiring after being Dean of the Department of Education for 11 years.

Dean Robert Manheimer has been an educator for most of his life.  He has taught elementary school, high school, and college.  Dr. Manheimer has held positions of high school principle, assistant principle, assistant superintendent, superintendent, and now Dean of Education.

“I was interested in education since I was seven years old,” says Dean Manheimer.  He was a science teacher at a high school in Brooklyn and taught biology and chemistry. “I loved it!”

At Post, Dr. Manheimer occupied other positions before becoming Dean.  He was a professor in the Department of Leadership and Administration for four years and also an adjunct professor in the Department of Education.

As Dean of the Department of Education, he carries certain responsibilities. Dean Manheimer is responsible for the functioning of the school of education. He supervises the personnel, and supervises the works of the professors.  He also oversees a total of seven department including: Curriculum and Instruction, Literacy and Special Education, Counseling and Mental Health, Physical Education and Dance, Communication Speech and Hearing Aid, Computer Technology, and Leadership and Administration.

Dean Robert Manheimer enjoys seeing students succeed and continuing in their field; he describes it as being the “greatest satisfaction.”  He says, “I recommend any student who wants to become a teacher, to continue because it’s a wonderful, lifetime career.”

Dean Manheimer says that he enjoys any aspect of learning and enjoys creating any opportunities for students. He said with enthusiasm, “I enjoy anything of education!”  When asked what he will take with him when he finishes this year as dean, he replied: “My thoughts about how wonderful people are at C.W. Post and how serious minded they are about education.”

He concludes with a surprise of continuing what he likes best…teaching. “I won’t retire!  I might go back to being a faculty member and continue at C.W. Post Campus,” he mentions.

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