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Decorate Your Dorm With Style

Cecilie Nag
Features Editor

With bare walls, little furniture, and limited space, dorm rooms don’t always look too inviting. So what can be done to make it feel more like your room?

Several stores, including IKEA, Walmart, and Target, offer affordable solutions. Find some special pieces at Urban Outfitters, Century 21, and various online stores, including, and Here are some easy steps to make your dorm room look better:

1. Decorate your white walls with posters. offers thousands of motifs from starting price of $5.99. Either you can wake up to the New York City skyline, the image of a sunny beach, or maybe the logo of your favorite band. The opportunities are endless, and can set the tone for the rest of your room.

2. Wall stickers are another alternative for wall decorations. Visit for numerous opportunities to spruce up your wall, ranging from butterflies, to trees, and other different patterns. There are also plenty of choices at These sell from $19.99 and up.

3. Bring your room to life with flowers and plants. Whether you want them as a focal piece, or just as an accessory on a shelf, flowers are always nice. If you’re not one to look after your plant, get some artificial flowers at IKEA starting at $1.99 each.

4. With the bed as the biggest piece in your dorm room, you want to make it look good. Get some colorful cushions, nice bed linens and bedspreads, that go with the rest of your theme of decorating. offers bedding collections that include everything you need. They’re a bit pricy, but serve perfectly as inspiration.

5. To organize your clothes, and free some space in your closet, get a clothes rack from IKEA, starting at $9.99. Hang up your favorite pieces of clothing, and they´ll be both easily available, and can also serve as a decoration.

6. Do your finishing touches by putting up photo frames with pictures of those you care about. Organize your rings, earpieces, and necklaces on a jewelry stand. Have small storage boxes to put your belongings into, and make it clean and nice. Mirrors, vases, and lamps are all accessories to make your dorm room feel a little bit cozier.

Public relations junior Malin Woll Skotnes lives in a suite with seven other girls. They decorated the whole common area with furniture and accessories from Target and IKEA. Both stores are at the nearby Broadway Mall. “We thought mostly functional when we were decorating. Our goal was to make it a little bit cozier,” Skotnes said. With the price tags shared evenly among the group, the cost of decorating wasn’t too bad either.

International student Vibeke Aarstad wanted to make her room as comforting and cozy as possible, since it’s her only home for several months. “My favorite part of the room is the bed, because it is soft and nice with several cushions, and also because I have a big New York City poster over it that’s so nice,” she said. Her focus is to take advantage of the limited space and make the most out of it. “It doesn’t take a lot of decorating to transform the dorm room from looking like a prison cell to making it inviting,” she said. Her tip is to pick a color scheme and stick to it while decorating. “So it doesn’t look like a carnival,” she explains.

With planning, and smart solutions, you can make your dorm room look much better and feel a little bit more like home. For inspiration, trends, and style advice, visit

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