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Do It For You – Week Six

Photo by Kathleen Crowley

Change can be a frightening thing. Whether it is good or bad change, it is extremely hard to alter our normal behavior. It is especially quite challenging when it comes to making changes in our everyday eating and working out regimes. Many of us feel as though it’s impossible– “it’s too hard, it doesn’t work, there’s not enough time, I JUST CAN’T DO IT!” The excuses are endless. Although it may sound cliche, anything is possible, but like stated in the previous issue, nothing works over night.  Everything takes time. Slow change is change that is more realistic and surprisingly gratifying. Rushing to loose ten pounds in two weeks creates unrealistic goals and irritating failures. It is all about changing your lifestyle in incremental and realistic steps that become embedded in your everyday life on a daily basis.


For those of you who feel that there is just no hope, here is a little test trial the Pioneer would like to challenge you with. For three days, yes just three days, make FIVE small healthy changes to your everyday routine. They do not have to be extreme changes, but small tweaks here and there to fix an unhealthy habit. These little steps in the right direction are huge accomplishments within themselves. After completing the three days, you will prove to yourself that you can do it, and “change” can be quite rewarding after all.

Photo by Kathleen Crowley

Examples of healthy tweaks to take on during your three day Pioneer challenge, good luck!


Have the whites of eggs only, forgo the whole egg.

Use whole wheat toast instead of white.

Drink water, not orange juice.

Grab an apple, not a bag of chips.

Walk the extra long way to class, don’t take shortcuts.

Take the stairs, not the elevator.

NO SUGAR for one whole day.

Walk around the campus after meals.

Don’t go for second Winnick rounds.

Don’t pick, sit down to eat your meals.

Add a serving of fiber.

Skip the dessert.

Don’t snack two hours before bed.

Drink an extra glass of water.

Stay an extra twenty minutes at the gym.



Stay positive throughout the three-day challenge. Have faith in yourself that anything you put your heart into, you will accomplish. Whether it is simply choosing water over soda, go you!


What is ever more important is your mental health. Beyond all eating and exercising regimes, the number one thing is to be happy. Just as we take care of our outer being by eating right and working out, we need to make sure we are in tune with our inner being, our true self – our mind. Now that mid-term week is over, we are a lot less stressed and much more relaxed. It is time now to slow our roll, take a deep breath, and concentrate on ourselves for a change. Take a day off as a “me” day; a day where you can be completely selfish and cater to your individual needs. Shut off your phone, disconnect your Internet and your Blackberry, and refuse to enter the world of Facebook. Take a long hot shower, have a nutritious breakfast, run around campus, play your favorite music all day long, read the book/magazine you never got to read, explore something new, or just simply sit back, relax and do absolutely anything and everything you want.


We must all understand that life isn’t so serious, and when we become overwhelmed within society is when we are going to damage both our inner and outer beings. We start to become concerned with our self-image, some of us even relieving such pressure through extreme dieting and exercising. After four years here at C.W. Post, the most important thing I learned is that we are who we are, and whether society likes it or hates it, embrace what you have and be the best person you can be. Those who truly love you will love you no matter if you’re in shape, out of shape, healthy or unhealthy. Believing in yourself is the most attractive quality someone can have, and when you accept that is when the social pressure will be relieved. So yes, when you’re on that date, don’t try to act like someone you’re not and order the salad because it’s more socially acceptable. If you want the cheeseburger, get the cheeseburger. If you do want to make healthy changes to your lifestyle, do it for you, because you want to do it, not for anyone else.

With that, have a happy, healthy and easy-going week. Try the three-day challenge and please share your experience at HYPERLINK “”


🙂 Katie

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