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Documentary Review:The Long Island Serial Killer

Freddie Schwartz

Recently, A&E introduced a new special about the 10 bodies that have been found near the Oak Beach community on Long Island. The case has caught national attention and, for over a year, has been investigated by the Suffolk County Police Department. Today, the case is cold, and there are no suspects; it’s a mystery in every sense of the word. The documentary relied all the latest findings and information as of today and theories on whom the killer could be. It has become fact that it is only one killer and not many, as suggested earlier this year. According to the documentary, the person started killing years before; the first victim is suspected to be a woman, known as a prostitute, as well as an infant that was found next to her and believed to be her child. The male body the police also found was believed to have been involved in prostitution as well. Years later, the killer went online to Craigslist to find victims, which soon added up to the 10 bodies that police have found. The killer, so far, remains at large.

The documentary itself was very well done. Many more of the victims’ lives were revealed and a lot of misconceptions and confusions in the case were cleared up. The special shows just how dangerous the dating escorts and sites like Craigslist really are. (It was also said because a lot of the females got sucked up into the business of the online sex trade.) The Internet has made the business much more underground than it ever was and also extremely hard for police to track. It was also revealed that it took months for police to allow these women to be on missing persons databases. There is some discrimination and lack of regard for missing women who are labeled as prostitutes, which is a really terrible thought that police allowed families to remain scared and fearful about their loved ones. The killer was said to be smart, bold, and knows how to leave a murder scene without leaving a single piece of physical evidence. The police had almost nothing to work on in the case.

Overall, it’s a great documentary that I highly recommend watching when it’s on A&E, especially if you’re a fan of mysteries.

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