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Dorm Life

Kristiane Aateigen
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To some, living in dorms is an experience they have been dreading. The thought of having to share a room with one or two others, perhaps strangers, may seem uncomfortable. The showers are just about small enough for the whole shower curtain to stick to your body. Everyone in the crowded bathrooms can hear you urinate in the morning. There is no way of cooking your own meals. Occasionally you will not have to stand more than 30 minutes in line at Winnick. Only a couple of the dormitories have air-conditioning.

For many, this is also their first time living away from home. Expectations really have everything to do with how you are going to thrive. Expecting the dorms to be just like your room at home will be too much to ask. It is often wise to not set a standard, so you are not easily disappointed. We all have hopes and fears when moving in, but living in the dorms can be one of the most positive things about going to college. It is how you get the whole experience; you live within walking distance of your friends and classes, write on each other’s whiteboards, go out to eat, party, and just sit around having a good time together. There is always a lot of help to receive if you live on campus, whether it is school or socially related. It is a place where we meet people who become some of our closest friends.

If you ever find yourself sitting around being helplessly bored, you are doing something wrong. There is always something to do around campus. You just might have to make some effort to take advantage of the opportunities. Buy a basketball to use the outside courts. Get playing cards and invite people over. You can go to the Pratt Center for a workout, and rent equipment with your ID card. Whether you enjoy working out or not, there are so many opportunities in there to make exercising fun. You can go swimming or running, and play basketball, tennis, soccer and so on. Another source of social activity can be joining a club, or make your own if they do not offer any of your interest. Fraternities and sororities are available on campus if Greek life is something you are attracted to. If you want, you can also go to the Hillwood Art Museum or use the student discount to see shows at the Tilles Center.

Living only 50 minutes away from Manhattan, you should also take advantage of the opportunity to go there whenever you feel like it. The school shuttle takes you to the Hicks-ville train station, where the Long Island Railroad takes you to NYC. Whatever you do, do not waste these wonderful years. They will go by so fast.

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