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Dorm Policy Demystified

Rebecca Martelottidorm

Lately, the talk around campus is that the dorming policy had changed without students being aware of it. The policy, which requires students to be in good standing with the Financial Services Office and Bursar before applying for room selection, has not changed though, according to Jennifer Fuoco, director of Residence Life.

“Residents have always needed to be clear in order to obtain a stamp for their application at the Student Financial Services Office prior to turning it in to Residence Life,” Fuoco added.

The LIU Post website indicates that to be eligible for on-campus housing, students must be registered for full-time classes.

However, many students who live on campus have different views on the current dorming policy. “I didn’t start my housing applications yet, but I haven’t heard anything about paying bills before we can dorm,” said Talia Charlton, a junior Journalism major. “I never even knew that was the school’s dorm rules.”

“I was not fully aware of what the policy exactly was. No one made it clear to me that we had to pay our bill and register for classes before we are able to enter the housing lottery on campus,” said Melissa Weisman, a sophomore Speech Pathology major. “This is frustrating because I feel like our school never informs us the right way.”

Several students said that they previously did not have to have their college tuition bills up to date to apply for dorms; rather they just had to pay a $300 deposit with their housing application to be entered into the dorm room “lottery” process. Students fill out their housing form and must take it stamped to Residence Life by April 5, 2013. Lottery tickets became available at Residence Life on April 10 and 11, 2013. Students are given a “lottery” ticket according to their last name.

Each ticket has a number and time on.  On April 12, 2013, room selection occurs and students report to the Long Island Room in the Winnick Student Center based on their lottery time. Students may then choose their building and room they would prefer to dorm in.

Residents must also be registered for full-time classes for the upcoming Fall 2013 semester in order to reserve the room of their choice during room selection. If any returning residents are unable to participate in room selection, they are still able to apply for housing once they obtain a stamp for their application. Those students are then assigned a room once they are registered for classes.

According to the Bursar’s policies, students with past due balances greater than $500 will be prevented from engaging in University activities, such as registering for classes.  If students cannot register for classes, they cannot apply for housing.

Some students disagree with the current dorm policy. “I think it is unfair that students cannot apply for dorms and register for classes unless their bills are paid,” said Alyssa Yannuzzi, a sophomore Public Relations major. “Some students are in tough financial situations and should not be penalized for that,” she added.

“This is my second year living on-campus and I hate the dorm process,” said Yannuzzi. “Waiting on numerous lines for the ‘lottery’ is already annoying and on top of that we have to worry about registering for classes and paying bills,” she added.

Students must submit their housing forms before May 1, 2013, to be guaranteed housing and then wait until August to find out what residence hall they will call home the next semester. For more information on the policy, contact the Office of Residence Life at (516) 299-2326.

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