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Dorming: A Temporary Layover to Your Final Destination

By Dylan Valic

Features Editor

As another school year begins, a new crop of students prepared to begin their college journey. These students, who all came from many different places and have many different goals, have one thing in common: they have entered LIU as the class of 2023.

Students who live on campus moved into the dorms on August 29, and they prepared to begin their first year of university life. “I’m really excited to study the thing that I love and focus on that, whereas [in] highschool you are told what classes you have to take,” BrayLynn Willis, a freshman musical theater major, said.

(Amanda Desens)

As students settled into their new residence halls they also had a chance to explore the campus and all it has to offer. “I think the campus is really nice,” Ethan Sanft, a freshman childhood education major said. “Originally I wasn’t going to go local because I thought a lot of local schools had, a road going through them, but this campus feels really secluded and nice.”

Students who will be dorming will also be experiencing a big change in their lives as they begin living on their own. “I’m so excited to be able to live on my own and have freedom, and go to bed when I want, and be able to start making decisions for myself and be more responsible,” Nessa Randazzo, a freshman secondary education major said. “I’m away from home, but at the same time I’m only an hour away,” Adriel Williams Jr., a freshman dual business administration and data analytics major, said. “If there is an emergency I can return home, but I feel excited. I’m getting ready to explore life on my own.”

The freshmen weren’t the only ones excited about moving in. RA’s greeted incoming students as they entered their dorms for the first time. “Being in a freshman dorm really brings it back home,” Vanessa Gardner, a senior photography major, said. “I literally just went upstairs and talked to a parent for a good five minutes about all my freshmen move in stories. It’s an interesting experience being a freshman RA.”

(Amanda Desens)

The Alumni committee was also present to help students move in and get situated on campus. Sherlyn Ortiz-Suarez, a member of the Alumni committee, and a graduate of the class of 2000, thinks that events like Move In Day help students feel like they have support. “This is kind of a way of us showing the new students that are coming in that we are here and pres-ent, and that we do have a strong Alumni board here,” Suarez said. “We know that this kind of day can kind of be overwhelming, and sort of confusing, so we’re just here to show our presence on campus.”

With the freshmen class now moved into their dorms and ready to begin their new col-lege life, a new school year awaits all students at LIU.

(Amanda Desens)

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