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Events on Campus

By Rebecca Martelotti
Assistant Features Editor

This spring semester, LIU Post has been hosting new events for students on campus. The goal is to increase school participation for on-campus activities. Students should expect to see more new programs and initiatives in the upcoming semester, according to Michael Berthel, associate director at the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development. “We are constantly evaluating how to improve the campus life experience,” he said.

In addition, there has been a lot of effort to increase weekend life on campus. “Our ultimate goal is always to provide students with a diverse and vibrant selection of programs and activities to participate in on campus,” said Berthel.

Upcoming events are posted on the LIU website and on various flyers throughout campus. According to Berthel, each week, a schedule is published with a comprehensive list of all programs and events happening on the weekend. In addition, weekly events, club meetings, activities, and movies playing in the cinema are always posted on the bulletin board located in Hillwood Commons. The board is updated every week. Many students do not realize that there is a university calendar that lists all campus events that can be viewed at post/campusevents.

“I have never been to an event on campus,” said Savera Kumar, a junior Accounting major. “Honestly, I don’t really hear about things that happen here on campus and I don’t know anyone who goes to the events. I commute so I wouldn’t come back to school on a weekend,” she added.

“My freshman year I went to the fashion show at the Tilles Center and really enjoyed it,” said Ashley Gordon, a junior undeclared major. “I would go to something with my friends that I thought would be fun, I think homecoming is probably everyone’s favorite event on campus.”

LIU Post has been planning new and different events this semester in order to increase student involvement, and help students support the school more. “We have heard a lot of positive feedback from students about the new programs and we are also seeing that reflected in an increase in the amount of students attending events on campus,” said Berthel. “The renovation of the Gold Coast Cinema, and the addition of the sports bar, The End Zone, has created new opportunities for creative programs both on the weekends and during the week,” Berthel said.

Karonline Onsrud, a junior Broadcasting major, is an international student who dorms on campus. “I don’t attend every event, but I frequently go to certain ones that I like,” she said. “I’ve been to the movie nights which are pretty good.”

It seems that the likelihood of a student attending an event depends on whether they are a commuter student or dorm on campus. The commuters seem to be less likely to attend on-campus events, especially those that occur on weekends. Some students expressed interest in attending on-campus events, or activities they thought would be fun.

“We think it’s a really exciting time to be on campus at LIU Post,” Berthel said. Student Life encourages any students who have ideas or suggestions for new programs to let them know.

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