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Fall 2018 Class Registration

By Kyhara Keanty
Staff Writer

Registration for the summer and fall 2018 classes began on March 5. There are many new courses and electives for students to enroll in. Students may meet with a promise coach or enrollment counselor, or register for classes by themselves online.

There are several new classes being offered in the Honors College in the fall semester, according to Joan Digby, Director of the Honors College. These classes are open to any student with a 3.0 GPA, not just students of the Honors College, according to Digby.

Photo by Jada Butler
Students can register for classes by going to their my LIU

This fall the Honors College is offering Ceramics (Art 301) for the first time. “It will be a studio class and will concentrate on typical clay forms used by many civilizations and how clay has been a building material through the ages,” Digby said.

The Honors College is offering a variety of electives, including The Vikings (PHL 359) with Dr. Glenn Magee, Drones, their history and diverse uses (CMA 358) with Professor Benjamin Gerdes, Everyday Law (Health Care Administration) with Linda Vila, Esq, and a seminar on Human Connection to Music (MUS 359) with Professor Mark Shapiro. For more information and permission to register for honors courses students can speak with Dr. Digby in the Honors College office in room 202 of the Winnick House.

In the College of Health Professions and Nursing (CHPN), Dean Stacy Gropack said students can expect a new course on Outbreak Veterinary and Human Disease Emergencies (BMS 97) with Professors Tejas Bouklas and Robin Sturtz. This class will focus on “recent outbreaks, like ebola and avian influenza, and trace the path that disease detectives follow to identify, treat, and prevent further disease spread,” Gropack said. “We will cover public health, infection control, and the scientific basis of diagnosis. Students will acquire an introduction to the science of problem-solving, and the community efforts that are required to protect human and animal life,” she added.

Another new class being offered by CHPN in the fall is Social and Health Policy (HPA 16). This course, is an examination of the political processes, agencies, and policies a ecting the organization and delivery of health services in the United States.

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), Dean Nathaniel Bowditch said they updated and redesigned the International Studies Major in the Department of Political Science. “It’s now a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy. We’ve added a course on diplomacy, restructured the curriculum, incorporated internship and study abroad options and decreased the total number of credits,” he said.

There is also a new Spanish minor available for Business Administration majors, and a new minor in Health and Society. The new BA in International Relations and Diplomacy is also available as a 5 year dual degree with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), according to Bowditch.

There are several new classes on the schedule for the fall in CLAS. In English there is ENG 59: Autobiographical Transformation and ENG 64: Crime, Guilt, and Atonement. Some older courses such as GGR1 have been revamped, Bowditch said. GGR1 is now called “The Geography of Sustainable Development” while GGR 2 is “Geography and the Global Citizen.”

The new core curriculum has opened up other possible lab courses to fulfill a core lab science such as GLY 12, Oceanography, and the new course designed for non-science majors, “Foundations of Biology: Animal Behavior” (BIO 5) “The History of Latin America 1000 – 1810” (HIS 186) and the honors philosophy course “Gods and Heroes of the Vikings,” give students a chance to explore interesting eras of the past.

Students can continue to enroll throughout the spring and summer, but again, enrolling early will provide the best options in terms of class availability,” Beth Wilkow, the University registrar said. Students with any questions regarding enrollment for classes can contact Wilkow at

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