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Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

by Anna Villoth, Staff Writer

Fall has arguably become one of the most loved seasons among Gen Z for its unique fashion trends. 

Fashion is one of Gen Z’s main outlets for expressing themselves and sharing their creativity. Fashion trends are curated to appeal to different groups of people. In addition, seasonal trends incorporate a variety of pieces that everyone can pick and choose from. The start of fall opens a door to endless styling possibilities. 

Courtesy of House of Hipsters

So it begs the question, why is fall fashion so loved by Gen Z? 

Senior fashion merchandising major Melana Migliaccio, the current president of the fashion merchandising club, states that “layering” is the number one reason.

“Layering is definitely one of the main reasons people love fall fashion so much. In the summer its kind of just a few pieces put together, and in the winter everything always covered up by a jacket. Fall definitely allows a lot more creativity,” Migliaccio said.

Allowing an outfit to be unique and speak for itself is what attracts Gen Z. Fall fashion incorporates layering of sweaters, polos, jackets, jewelry, etc.

Instead of only picking out one top and bottom in the summer, and having one huge jacket cover the outfit in the winter, many feel that the fall climate allows you to showcase your outfit. The different pieces that go viral this season can appeal to everyone.

“Things like red boots, polo sweaters and chunky jewelry have really become trendy this year for the fall season,” senior fashion merchandising major Kayla Acevedo stated.

Fashion trends constantly change every year and season based on the majority of likes and dislikes from society. However, the autumn style has taken a special place in the hearts of Gen Z for its distinctive look compared to other seasonal styles. Fall fashion allows incredible variety and style when pieces are put together. It has also caused Gen Z to create numerous trends within fashion every time the fall season rolls around. 

Even though fall fashion allows for so much diversity within the styles, students feel that having a few staples to have on hand can always add more depth to an outfit. Specifically, having a capsule closet can come in handy when creating multiple cute outfits from just a couple of simple pieces. 

“I believe they’re called capsule closets, they allow for so many fun outfits that you can mix and match, which definitely appeals to the fall season,” Migliaccio said. 

This season, capsule closets are favored for making it easier to style and wear interchangeable pieces, because basic pieces can be put together to create a more elaborate outfit. 

So, where would one find the perfect staples for a fall capsule closet this season? 

“H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters are probably some of my favorites. They always have really cute basic tees and tanks and a lot of other staples people would like for fall weather. On the more high-end side I would say Reformation is a great option,” Migliaccio said. 

H&M and Zara have been popular amongst Gen Z for a while. It is always a go-to store for many for back-to-school season. 

Back-to-school season is always an excuse to go fall shopping for the new school year, but every college student has their likes and dislikes. That’s what makes discovering your own style and aesthetic so special. 

 “Dresses over jeans is not my favorite look. It used to trend a lot in the Y2K era but I’m personally not a fan.” Acevedo stated. 

If any student seeks fashion advice, they are welcome to stop by the Fashion Merchandise Club on campus.

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