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Fall Fashion at Post

By Richard Sirio, Staff Writer

It’s pumpkin spice season, and students on campus have been bringing out their favorite fall fashion pieces for all to see. 

Many students are embracing the changing seasons and sporting familiar fall favorites and colors on campus.

 “I wore an autumn red, button-down corduroy dress with a black turtleneck to match the colors of the changing leaves,” sophomore musical theatre major Kara Joy Fish said. “The overall style dress gives a more outdoor feel to the look and the turtleneck pulls in the more formal side of fashion.” 

Sophomore musical theatre major Maria Meouchi also embraced the colors of fall and dressed in her favorite fall pieces. 

“I wore a white turtleneck with a burnt orange corduroy skirt. I added black sheer tights and the coat to make the outfit more weather appropriate. I love these colors together, the brown, orange, and white black tones are perfect for the fall, never going out of style. Adding the boots and tights is the perfect way to dress up a little more,” Meouchi said. 

As the leaves and seasons change, many students have been keeping up with the changing styles and colors. With the amount of thought that goes into the color choices, people give just as much, if not more, into the functionality of what they’re wearing as not to feel the effects of the changing seasons. 

“For everyday school life, I usually go for a more functional outfit, especially being a musical theatre major and moving all the time. But I like to dress more fashionably on the weekends,” Meouchi said. 

While some familiar trends are coming back, Meouchi feels styling and reinventing pieces to express yourself are becoming bigger trends in fashion. 

“I think we’ve upgraded in regards to fall trends. Thrifting and used clothing that looks oversized, like blazers and cardigans, are becoming more popular. It’s great to give clothing a second life before just discarding it and also reduces fast fashion purchases,” Meouchi said.  

Fish agreed with Meouchi and believes that fashion is about expressions and risk. 

“If you saw Kim Kardashian’s dress at the MET Gala, you would know that we are truly on one of the most adventurous paths that fashion has ever seen. But truthfully, it’s one of the most accepting places to be,” Fish said. “Now that fashion has chosen the more adventurous route, everything that follows is becoming accepted.” 

Regardless of the impact the media has on people’s wardrobe, in the end, fashion is a form of expression. It is the wearer’s option to choose how much they would like to use clothing to express themselves.

“I believe that if you wanted to dress modestly or adventurously, they both would be seen as a unique choice. I think it’s critical to learn what style expresses yourself most and to run with it, no matter what the world has to say. You should never be ashamed of you,” Fish said. 

Enjoy the display of this years’ latest fall fashion trends.The tones of the portraits are meant to represent the dichotomy of the changing of the leaves and the cooling of the temperature that is respected as a direct association to the fall season. Utilizing the tones of the lighting to pay homage to fall and its lovely characteristics.

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