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Fall Fashion

By Quedus Babalola
Staff Writer

With the fluctuations in temperature these past few weeks, students are finding it difficult to know what to wear.

Photo Courtesy of Coivan Makia
Fall fashion-Coivan Makia, junior international business major.

“On Monday I was wearing a t-shirt dress and then on Wednesday I had to put on a pair of UGG’s and a sweater,” Lilian Esedebe, a sophomore criminal justice major said.

“I was so conflicted on what to wear to class the other day, I looked at my weather app and it said 41 degrees but by 3 p.m. it would rise to about 67 degrees. Picking an outfit was hard because I knew for the first half of my day I would be cold. I ended up settling on a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a sweater,” Renee Adams, a senior photography major said.

On campus fashion has varied from students wearing long cardigan sweaters to some wearing leather jackets. “Every fall I have to get a new leather jacket, the color may not be different from the last but I have to get a new one. I believe the best item to own in the fall is a leather jacket,” Jarrett McKnight, a freshman undecided major said.

“I wasn’t always a fan of bomber jackets but for some reason this fall I’ve fallen in love with the trend. They go really well with my outfits and they’re extremely warm and comfy for the fall weather,” Coivan Makia, a junior international business major said.

Some students are even trading in their sneakers and slippers for rainboots, or knee high boots. With the way the weather has been the past couple of weeks, boots for all occasions are a necessity. “My girlfriend forced me to buy a pair of hunter boots for myself this fall because she said she was tired of seeing me wear sneakers out in the rain. I don’t think it was my worst investment, but for 140 dollars I think I would’ve found a better pair of rainboots for a cheaper price,” Martin Armstrong, a junior biology major said.

Overall with the weather changing pretty fast, winter clothing is something that should be on your radar when you go shopping the next time, long coats, heavy jackets, sweaters and boots!

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