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Fall Foliage Decorates Campus

By Molly Cunha
Staff Writer

“What other campuses don’t have” is how Amanda Flynn, a junior radiologic technology major, perfectly describes what LIU Post looks like in the fall.

Photo by Molly Cunha

The breathtaking foliage in the autumn that adds to the eye-opening landscape of the campus is what draws a lot of students to this school. It is “beautiful, and accentuates the nature of the campus here at Post,” Flynn said.

The school is 307 acres, landscaped with lawns, trees, and gardens that expand its beauty. There are 4,000 trees on campus, and 40 acres of the campus is designated as an arboretum, which features 126 trees, some which are very rare, according to the feature on the LIU Post website. The trees are labeled with small signs that feature their origin, and historical information.

“It’s wonderful to walk down Chipmunk Trail and see all of the leaves falling,” Homecoming king, senior psychology major Nicholas Sieban, said. Many students take and post photos of the campus, as well as use it for backgrounds of photos. The beauty of it, especially in the fall, makes Post stand out, as people come from all over Long Island to see it.

Photo by Caroline Ryan

“It makes the campus pretty and I can’t wait to jump into the piles of leaves with all of my friends,” TJ Fabian, a senior nutrition major, said. Seeing the leaves change as the semester progresses reminds the Post community of the beauty of our school, especially the foliage during the fall semester, and why it is recognized as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country.

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