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Senior Feature: Dylan Stovall

By Mrya Mulongoti, Arts and Entertainment Editor

As graduation approaches, senior interdisciplinary studies major Dylan Stovall reflects on his journey at Post, where he carved his own unique path.

Originally from Nashville, Tenn., Stovall began his story with Post as a junior in high school. 

“They offered me this trip where I got to do theater here for a week during the summer and see a Broadway show,” Stovall said. “So, I did that and then when applications came around in the fall, I applied here because I really enjoyed it. I liked that it was close to the city and I always wanted to be in New York.” 

Stovall’s academic journey began as a musical theatre major. However, as he navigated his way through that world, he realized that his passions lie elsewhere. First, he transitioned to an acting major. But, he eventually decided on a double major of theatre arts and marketing. 

“I always wanted to do acting and entertainment things but musical theatre is just so specific and it felt like a weird career choice for me,” he explained. “I enjoyed doing it for fun. I enjoyed singing and dancing, but I wouldn’t pay to see me. Why should somebody else?”

However, the road had more twists and turns in store for him. After spending a year as a theatre arts and marketing major, Stovall discovered a new interest he wanted to pursue: journalism. To combine his diverse academic interests, Stovall became an interdisciplinary studies major with a focus in three areas: theatre arts, marketing, and journalism.

Stovall commented on his growth over the past four years. 

“I feel like I’ve had so much growth these last four years,” he reflected. “I’ve really found myself in what I want to do with my life, and how to carve my own path.”

As this all unfolded, outside of the classroom, Stovall was involved with the school theatre department in many capacities and held a position as the assistant arts and entertainment editor for the student newspaper, The Tide. He has a pet cat, Rattlin (his pride and joy), and he currently works as a home improvement technician. 

As his time at Post comes to an end, Stovall briefly discussed his future plans.

“I would definitely love to stay in New York and maybe move closer to the city just so I get the more metro vibe for a little bit,” he said. “Since I am from Nashville, I’m not really used to that. But after this next year, I just want to take a year off and see what kind of jobs I can find and what I can do with my degree. And maybe move around based on where that takes me. But if not, I want to go back to school and try to get my master’s degree.”

With a future filled with endless potential, Stovall showcases the power of embracing change and carving your own path.

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