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Fashion Column: How To Dress for a First Date

Marisa Anziano

Let me set the scene. The good-looking guy in your Psych class finally realizes what you have known all along and asks you out. After the initial excitement of having a date this Friday night, panic totally consumes you as you stand in front of your closet, wondering what the heck you are going to wear.

Believe me, we have all been there—unless you have a closet the size of Texas. We all want to look fabulous and make a great impression without trying too hard. First dates are stressful and nerve-racking enough, so I have devised four outfit ideas to lend a hand.

Ready For Anything: This first outfit combination is perfect if you and your date are playing mini golf, going to see a movie, or any other more casual rendezvous. There is a balance between being overdressed and being underdressed so pay careful attention to your ensemble. I suggest wearing a cute cardigan or blazer, your favorite t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and flats. This ensures that you will look like your outfit is put together without being overly styled.

Rock His World: For those of us with a more edgy style, opt for this outfit assemblage instead. Think of an awesome leather jacket, a comfortable tunic, skinny pants, and combat boots. Whether you are going to a concert or to a coffee house, this outfit will provide major cool points. If going for an edgy yet more dressed up look, rock a form fitting dress or body-con skirt under the leather jacket.

Strut Your Stuff: Chances are your date is going to want to impress you by taking you to a fancy place. In that case, dresses and skirts are the way to go. Try to incorporate floral prints or lace to give this look a more individualistic air to it. Whip out your favorite little black dress and some flattering heels with a pop of color and knock him dead. Channel your inner bombshell!

Playing The Field: Whether or not you are actually into sports, attending a game is still a really fun and exciting first date idea. You want to look like you are into the game; however you still want to look cute. I suggest a pretty fly-away long cardigan, a t-shirt or jersey for whatever team you are seeing, and leggings. If you do not follow the team or sports in general, try to borrow one from a friend or a relative. If you are really at a loss, wear the team’s colors at least.

As per usual, be certain to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You do not want to be fidgeting or second-guessing your outfit because that might distract you from the real task at hand.

Features editor Kathleen Joyce gives some advice on the first date outfit. She says, “I don’t wear my best outfit because that will come later on if he decides to take me out again and again. I wear something nice; I never actually buy something new since I have enough to wear already. I make sure it’s casual yet dressy. Usually skinny jeans, flats, a nice blouse, and a sweater are my go-to. Later on, you’ll see more skin.”

Remember, confidence is key and the opposite sex definitely responds to confidence. Good luck and happy dating everyone!

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