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Fashion Column: How to Stay Warm This Winter

Marisa Anziano


As the holiday season approaches, it is now officially time to start preparing for the impending bitter cold of winter on Long Island.  It is important for all of us to dress according to the weather reports to stay healthy and happy.  However, that does not mean that we have to

sacrifice style in favor of warmth.  I have devised several outfit and accessory options to keep you warm, yet fashionable at the same time this winter season.


Opting for a cute beanie or fur trapper hat from stores like Forever 21 and Target is the perfect way to beat the cold while still maintaining a more fashionable appearance.  After all, just about 40 percent of your body heat is released through your head, so you definitely want to

lock in the heat as much as possible. Traditional or infinity, scarves keep your neck warm, while adding a splash of color and a little flavor to an outfit.


Gloves are also a great idea to keep your hands warm in between classes.  However, many people have done away with wearing gloves because of touch-screen handheld devices.  In that case, many manufacturers have produced gloves that allow you to use your electronic equipment. For example, North Face’s E-tip gloves ($40) contain special fabric on the pointer finger and thumb so that you can use your iPhone while shielding your hands from the winter chill.


Another winter necessity is a warm coat or jacket. Wear one with natural, non-synthetic materials such as wool, down feathers, and more. These fabrics will keep you warm, despite the inclement weather conditions. Check out Old Navy and Gap for great wool pea-coat options that marry warmth and style at a reasonable cost.  North Face is another option for great quality jackets that will keep you warm in most temperatures.


To ensure the optimal level of warmth, make sure to layer clothing.  In this case, you may want to wear a cute tank top underneath your favorite long sleeve shirt.  Add a warm chunky knit sweater under your pea-coat and you are ready to go!  Layering clothes will help you keep warm while wearing your winter jacket.  Layers trap the heat that radiates from your body to make certain that you remain warm and comfortable.  Layering permits you to control your body temperature more precisely.  In addition, when you get too warm, you can always adapt by taking off a layer or two. “Layering is a big thing for the winter time. It is definitely hard to stay warm without looking like an Eskimo, but layering does help. You can pair a regular warm sweater with plain jeans, but dress it up with matching knee socks that show a little above knee-high boots,” said Junior Digital Art and Design major Erin Griffin.


Winter boots such as Uggs are able to protect your feet from brisk weather.  My favorite option is to wear soft, fuzzy socks and then my trusty pair of black boots to keep my feet nice and toasty, no matter what. “Winter accessories are my favorite,” said Junior Public Relations major Bianca Fusco.  “I keep warm by wearing cute scarves, gloves, and hats or headbands.  I also only wear boots in the winter because they keep you the warmest and they come in different styles so they can be worn with anything.”

As my mother always says, “I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”  So overdress and wear extra layers to guarantee that you remain comfortable this upcoming season. As you can see, there is no need to fret when it comes to dressing during the colder months.  Apply these very simple tips to your attire this winter and you will see how easy and fun it is to stay warm and cute. Trust me, you will be happy you did.


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