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Fashion Column: Outfit Ideas for a Night Out

Marisa Anziano

An almost compulsory part of the college experience is going out and partying on the weekends. Naturally, we all want to look our best when we do so. However, we do not want to forgo our dignity and personal style for something short, tight, and trashy. When you look great, you feel great. And who among us does not want that? I have created four simple and effortlessly-glamorous outfit combinations to meet your going-out needs.

The Bombshell: This outfit choice is perfect for the bold, brave, and confident girl who wants to strut her stuff and make an entrance. Rock the Open Back Lace Dress from BeBe in either crimson or black. With its peek-a-boo lace back, this outfit is a classy way to show your sultry side. The lace goes down to the middle of your back so you are covered in all the right places. From the front, this dress appears to be a simple and gorgeous form-fitting dress, but the detailed back offers a distinct way to display your personality. Add a simple pair of black pumps to elongate and slim the legs, and you’re ready!

The Trendsetter: The 70s are a huge trend this season so don a black Jersey Wrap Jumpsuit like one from the Kardashian Kollection and an awesome pair of statement wedges like leopard print ones by Steve Madden. This adds a pop of print and personality to an otherwise simple, classic outfit. This jumpsuit is tailored and flattering while maintaining a certain level of comfort so you can dance the night away. If you are feeling particularly trendy, add a fur vest to go with the ensemble.

The Rocker: This much more casual but put-together-look is perfect for a dinner out with your girlfriends or even a night at the bar. Begin with a distressed black or brown faux-leather jacket. Mix in a neutral-colored blouse or button up shirt to add a more feminine touch. Put on your favorite pair of skinny jeans, such as a pair from the Gap, and finish the outfit off with a pair of knee-high black or brown motorcycle-style boots. This outfit juxtaposes edginess with femininity.

Casual Cutie: For those of us who are more reserved, this is the option. Off-the-shoulder tunic tops are a great way to show some skin while leaving a little to the imagination. Tops such as this can be found anywhere from Victoria’s Secret to Target.

Find a colorful one that compliments your skin tone and slip on a pair of trusty leggings. Feeling a little more adventurous? Opt for leather, velvet, or liquid leggings instead of cotton or jersey ones. Complete this outfit with a comfortable yet fashion-forward pair of flats.

“My biggest pet peeve about what girls wear is the fact that they are not wearing anything at all,” asserts senior Journalism major Kathleen Joyce. “You need to leave something to the imagination. I am all for tight clothes, but I am also for wearing clothes period. My favorite things to wear are nice sweaters, blouses, and heels since I am short.”

“Whether going out on a date or hitting the town with the girls, no matter what you wear, it is always important to feel confident,” says senior Public Relations major and Journalism minor Alexandra LaRocca. “My favorite store is Express because it has clothes perfect for any occasion: going out, business attire, and even just for every day at school. Although it can be a little pricy, it has great sales and the clothes last a long time, so you get your money’s worth.”

No matter what your style or confidence level, the best accessory you can wear is a smile. Strut your stuff and own it. Check out Express, H&M, BeBe, and other similar stores to create the perfect night-on-the-town look for you.

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