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Fashion Column: Shoes!

Marissa Anziano


You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes that they wear. Shoes are a further expression of your personality, or maybe just how you’re feeling that day.  Put on a pair of sneakers and you seem active, adventurous, and all about comfort. On the other hand, wear thigh-high pleather boots and you may seem like you are auditioning for a part in Pretty Woman 2. Either way, shoes are not just about functionality.

The first shoe trend cropping up on campus this fall is leopard-print ballet flats. Leopard print has become an everyday occurrence for many of us. Now I’m not telling you to dress in head to toe leopard print like Snooki from the “Jersey Shore,” but introducing a little animal print into your wardrobe is a fun alternative way to add a dash of excitement to any outfit. “I think leopard-print flats make a statement. They {are one of those shoes that} announce your arrival and show off how fierce you are,” says Public Relations major Gina Fernandez. Keep an outfit simple with a cardigan, a plain blouse, and jeans to compliment your leopard-print footwear.

Nude pumps are the perfect option for a night on the town. Pumps alone do wonders for the appearance of your legs, but nude pumps help even more. This timeless alternative elongates your legs, making you look taller and thinner. And who among us doesn’t want that? The best thing about this trend is that nude pumps match virtually everything.

To demonstrate the edgier side of your personality, try introducing a motorcycle boot into your wardrobe, especially one with warm lining. “I adore boots because they are fashionable, warm, and comfortable for the winter,” Junior Nicole Nussbaum believes. “It is a great dose of effortless glamour.” These boots will not only keep your feet warm, but will add an instant level of cool to an otherwise dull or plain outfit.

Another shoe trend is oxfords. Oxford shoes have been a mainstay in Europe but this trend is making its way to the States this fall. These shoes are not only comfortable, but classy as well. They provide any outfit with a much-needed boost of elegance. Oxford shoes are widely available in two-toned, animal print, good old black, and more.

All of these shoes can be found in shoe stores from Jimmy Choo to Payless, depending on your budget. My advice would be to check out Steve Madden for affordable shoes that will last for the next three seasons. Famous Footwear and Love My Shoes offers great varieties for a discounted price. Whatever your shoe type may be, rock it out and maybe even consider switching it up!

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