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Fashion Merchandising Receives Mannequins

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Assistant Online Editor

The fashion merchandising program recently received a donation of new mannequins from Saks 5th Avenue, as well as a private donation of a collection of haute couture dresses to display on the new mannequins.

According to fashion merchandising professor Cherie Serota, the mannequins are made by an upscale mannequin vendor called Pucci, one of the most high-end mannequin companies, which is based out of New York City. The mannequins are called “Frankies,” and everything is produced in New York,” Serota said.

Photo by Angelique D’Alessandro
New mannequins donated by Saks for the fashion merchandising program

When asked if the program wanted the donation, Serota answered with an emphatic yes. “We took the LIU truck to the back door of the store before it opened and transported 25 mannequins back to the fashion hub of the library,” located in Library room 131.

Serota plans to use the mannequins for “various classes, such as visual merchandising, fashion forecasting, and others in the future.” She also said they will be used for a fashion exhibition at some point within the coming years.

Photo by Angelique D’Alessandro
Cherie Serota, fashion merchandising professor

The couture dresses, which were privately donated, will also be an asset to the fashion merchandising program. “This vintage collection includes designer gowns, dresses, and sportswear, with pieces by Haltson, Lanvin, Ungaro, Vicky Tiel, and Jaques Fath,” Serota said, explaining the importance of these legendary designers. “Fath is considered a dominant influence on post-war haute couture,” Serota said. “He showed his first collection in Paris in 1937.”

In addition to the new mannequins, Serota is excited for New York Fashion Week, which takes place from Thursday, Feb. 8 to Friday, Feb. 16. “We have students who will be backstage during the show,” Serota said.

Serota expects the collection of new clothes to be an “ongoing project within the fashion merchandising program, where we will display the collection on the newly acquired mannequins. We’re really excited for this opportunity.”

The fashion merchandising program, which was originally a part of the Department of Communications and Film in the College of Arts, Communications & Design, is now a part of the College of Management. Students can now receive a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising.

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